Year 6 13/07/20 Money awareness. HSBC

Good morning Year 6 I trust you are all well.

As you may know I have been running the school bank this year along with some helpers from year 6. Unfortunately due to the COVID 19 virus we have not been able to continue with this service in school. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped and given their time to support and promote the bank.

HSBC have sent me some videos for me to share with you all to help prepare yourselves for your future. I hope you find them informative and helpful. It is important to look after your money and make wise choices.

Watch the video and answer these questions.
What are your needs for Year 7?
What are your wants?

What wise choices might you need to make?


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  1. My needs for year 7 are a bag ,a pencil case a timetable and a uniform.
    My wants are a laptop because I need to do my schoolwork and I can’t do it on what I already have.The wise choices I need to make are to wake up on time.

  2. thing that i need for antarctic trip
    sleeping bag
    first aid kit
    thing that i want to with antarctic trip
    sun glasses

  3. 1. What are your needs for Year 7?
    • I need for year 7
    ~PE kit
    ~A bag
    ~School Books
    2. What are your wants?
    • I want for year 7
    ~Pen, Pencils and Ruler
    ~Some books to reed
    ~School map
    ~A school planer
    3. What wise choices might you need to make?
    -I am going to carry my backpack to all of my classes

  4. The things I need in year 7 are:
    1. A water bottle.
    2. Backpack.
    3. Stationary.
    4. A school map.
    5. A notebook.
    6. School books.
    7. Uniform.

  5. Things that you will need in year 7(secondary school):
    Water bottle
    And most importantly a planner because you always need to be prepared for secondary school since your starting a new school.

  6. Things will definitely need in year 7 :
    -Water bottle = To stay hydrated.
    -Backpack = To put stationary and etc .
    -School calendar
    -School Planner = This is because I can keep up with everything.
    -Notebook = To put extra information in it .
    -School Books

    • You sound as if you are going to be well organised. There are two ways to spell “stationary” – look them up and explain the difference! Do you have a trick for remembering?

  7. Needs For Year 7:
    •Stationary •Bag •Notebooks •Books •Uniform •Timetable
    Wants For Year 7:
    •Snacks •School Map
    The wise choices that I would need to make is that I will need to wake up early to make sure I get to school on time.

  8. My needs for secondary:
    Timetable planer
    A big bag
    1 or 2 books
    Secondary uniform

    I will think and remeber what are the things I mostly need to get. So I can save money and get the things I mostly need.
    E.x: I need maths stationary because it helps with circles and how to work out angles.

  9. What I will definitely need will I’m in year 7;
    School map
    Some books to read so I can improve my reading.

  10. My needs for Year 7 include :
    A Bag

    My wants for Year 7 include :
    A school planner
    New stationary
    New backpack
    A school calender

    I need to think about wise choices when buying stationary as I need to think about if I will need certain things to save money.

  11. 1)My needs for secondary school include a, backpack, calculator, pens, pencils, ruler, reading book, school map and notebook.
    2) My wants are lots of books to read.
    3) I might need to make a choice of what to take in my backpack because I am going to carry my backpack to all of my classes and if it is too heavy, I will not be able to carry it.

    • Well thought out response Hadisa! Yes you will need to plan carefully what you are carrying in your bag as you will have to carry it all day!

      What else may you need to take to keep your energy up ?