Year 6

Hi Year 6. Please read the short story below.

David’s new watch

“Thanks, Dad!” exclaimed David, as he made an eager grab at the box. Excitedly, he tore off the wrapping and lifted the lid. Inside was a brand new watch – not just any watch, but the watch he had been wishing for for months. It was shiny black with silver trimmings; waterproof to a depth of 100m; had 2 different alarm tones and told the time in London, New York, Sydney and Tokyo. His mum was looking on disapprovingly. “Now, David, you must look after that watch. It was very expensive and you know how careless you are.” David sighed. He had nagged his mum for ages but she always said no. Luckily his dad was a really soft touch! But this time, David promised himself, he would be very careful…

Next morning, just as David was leaving for school, his mum stopped him. “You had better leave your new watch at home today,” she advised. “Isn’t it P.E. this afternoon?”

“Ok,” David agreed reluctantly, beginning to undo the strap.

“Have a good day,” called his mum from the kitchen. David looked at the watch gleaming in his hand. He was desperate to show it off at school. After all, what could possibly happen? He was going to be so careful…

“Wow!” cried James.

“Best watch ever!” said Tom enviously.

All went well during the morning. David was very careful of his new watch (even at playtime). Cheerfully, he got changed for P.E., which was his favourite lesson. Year 6 played a great game of hockey, then tumbled back into class, hot and breathless, to get dressed. Disaster!

“I can’t find my watch!” hissed David in a panic. Frantically, he turned his P.E. bag upside down and scrabbled through his kit. Where could it be? His stomach clenched like a fist and his legs turned to jelly at the thought of what his mum would say. He looked under the desk, in his tray, behind the pipes in the cloakroom and even in his lunchbox. It wasn’t there. It wasn’t anywhere. Had someone taken it?

20 minutes later, Mr Bennett was looking annoyed. He had made everyone turn out their bags, coats and trays, but still David’s watch was missing. “It’s not here, David,” said Mr Bennett firmly. “You shouldn’t have brought it to school in the first place, but since you did, it was your responsibility to look after it. I’m surprised your mum let you – she knows how careless you are. And I think you owe everyone an apology.”

“Er…sorry,” David muttered. Miserable, he stared at his desk, his heart like lead.

Three o’clock came. Dragging his feet, hands thrust into his pockets, David walked home.

“How was your day?” began his mum, but stopped short as she caught sight of his face.

“Mum,” David began, “Mum, I…”

“Let me guess. You took your new watch to school and now it’s broken.” She frowned.

“I lost it after P.E. But I did look! Everybody looked!”

David’s mum reached for his P.E. bag, emptied it out and carefully felt inside. There, caught on a thread, was the missing watch! David beamed. “I can’t believe it! Thanks, Mum!” he cried. “I’m sorry I didn’t listen and took it to school. And I really will try to look after all my things from now on.”

Bronze Challenge: Write a character description ofDavid- think about his personality traits and what can you infer about him from reading the story.

Silver: Rewrite the story from David’s point of view. Add detailed description and any other writer’s tricks you think are suitable.

Gold: Write you own ‘Lost’ story, using David’s New Watch as a model.

Everyone needs to consider spelling, punctuation and grammar in their answers as well as handwriting. Please give your responses to Miss Sahin on paper AND comment below to say that you have done so! Good luck everyone. 

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