Year 6 are Super Spellers!

This morning, Aishah, Humayun, Ojasvi and Amaan from Year 6 took part in a spelling competition at Foleshill Library. They were competing against 2 other Coventry schools.

Aishah tells us about the experience…

‘Arriving at the library, we came face to face with our challengers who were prepared for a tough competition. At the start, we could all feel the tension and suspense building up; our knees were knocking against each other, our hearts were thumping and our minds whirring. Finally it was time. Time to face the challenge. We started with the man explaining the rules; we were still going over our spellings at this point. There were four rounds, all as tough as each other.

For the first round, Humayun and Amaan courageously accepted and went first. They took part in a straightforward spelling round but the spellings were not as simple. We could all see the nerves overwhelming them; many of the spellings took them by surprise. Going first meant that the boys needed to set a high standard which was what they did. As soon as the round was over, we all sighed with relief along with the boys. They had done well. How well we were yet to find out.

The second round saw Ojasvi and I taking to the seats of doom for a round where we had to identify how many of a letter was in a word. We chose the letter A. Hearing the words being shot at us like bullets made us a little worried; overall we were confident throughout the whole round. Although we felt we did pretty well, the last word caused us some trouble but we fought our way through it. The word which caused us some confusion was anemia. Watching some of the other schools made us feel quite anxious but we were still proud of all we had achieved so far. We were in the lead so far; the other schools were catching up. This meant we needed to pull our socks up in the next round.

After the second round, we had a small break where we refueled ourselves and refreshed our spelling minds.

The third round was a team round and we felt we had an advantage as we were especially good working in a team. This time we had to face anagrams which put us on edge but we felt less nervous when we reached our seats. We managed to work through one anagram confidently; the answer was Horrid Henry. However, the second anagram caused great difficulty as the answer was an author we had never heard of before. Therefore, we lost a couple of points on this but it did not affect our confidence.

Lastly, there was a quickfire spelling round where we had to choose two people to represent our team. Me and Ojasvi stepped up to the challenge for one last time. Rapidly, we whizzed through the spellings, accurately spelling them out. We picked up a huge amount of points which may have put us in the lead but we had to wait to find out. The other schools did as well as us so it was a tough call to decide the winner.

Sitting back down we waited for what felt like an eternity to find out the winner. The marks were counted up. We were all waiting on tenterhooks. Anticipation built up in our stomachs. 3rd place… 2nd place… 1st place Broad Heath Primary School! We had done it. We had defeated the other schools and won the Super Spell competition. Miss Saunders beamed at us with pride as we stood proudly to have our photo taken.

We are currently waiting to hear if we have scored high enough to reach the regional finals. We will keep you posted!

By Aishah 6S

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15 thoughts on “Year 6 are Super Spellers!

  1. Well done to all of you who accuactly took part in the spellings, I wanted to congratulate to the person who had a chance for being in the 1st place. :) :) :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS, Year 6! To say I am proud is an under- statement, I am mega, mega proud!!! You are fantastic, stupendous, fabulous! Have I spelt these correctly? Well done children.

  3. Congratulations Aishah,Humayun,Amaan and Ojasvi!!!Well done on gaining 1st place.It would’ve taken a lot of courage to get through that.I hope you get into the finals.Good luck!! :) :)

  4. Wow that’s is really nice to hear that you had a great time and worked hard ,and challenged your self.
    I hope all of you scored really high to reach the regional finals:)

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