*Year 6 at Edgbaston Cricket Ground*


Yesterday (24/06/15), our Year 6 cricketers had the amazing opportunity to visit Edgbaston Cricket Ground in Birmingham. We had an access-all-areas tour of the stadium, walked on the actual field where they play their matches, gained a lot of knowledge on the history of the Warwickshire County Cricket Club, saw lots of memorabilia, were star-struck after meeting one of England’s cricketers, designed our own cricket shirts and played some really fun cricket games.

At the end of the day, the children were given a quiz about the tour and answered some really tough questions. I’m proud to say that all children scored at least 8/13!. Boys and girls, can you share some of the information that was given to you yesterday? What can you say about that special dates 1882 and 1902, the flood lights, the cost of building Edgbaston, the West Terrace, Hover Cover machinery, Press Conference rooms, the Press Suite, the Eric Hollies Stand, the Control room, the Executive Boxes, the full name of the Trophy and a certain World Record?

Myself and Mr Mountford would like to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you for your behaviour throughout the day, for listening and taking in all the information so well, showing them how amazing Broad Heath children are, playing amazing cricket and making it a really special last trip for us, with you.

I hope you enjoyed yourselves and had an awesome day overall. Keep up with your cricket when you go to secondary school, we are expecting to see some of you play cricket professionally one day!

Miss Bhandal and Mr Mountford :)

Enjoy the video, and the rest of the photos taken yesterday!


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