Year 6 Belgrade Theatre Trip

Year 6 had the privilege to see The Boy In Striped Pyjamas at The Belgrade Theatre. During the year they had read the book and seen the film so today they had the opportunity to see a live performance.

Well done for being superb BH ambassadors and making sure you didn’t let Mrs Frankish or your teachers down. You were brilliant and engaged from beginning to end.

After the performance you had the the opportunity to ask the cast questions. Your questioning was fabulous showing you had an understanding of the story.

A wonderful memory to keep with you forever.

Thank You everyone.

What scene from the play did you enjoy the most?

What did you think of the acting of Bruno and Shmuel?

What did you think of a live performance?

Did you have fun?

Ms Janjua


24 thoughts on “Year 6 Belgrade Theatre Trip

  1. I loved the the live trip it was really great espesially for our learing because we have learnt so much about the Holocaust
    The acting was amazing and i think the actors of shmuel and Bruno was geat they put lots of effort into it !! I had lots of fun because i got to sit next to my friends !! I enjoyed the scene when Bruno and Shmuel go into the cabin and the then the door slamed really loudly!

  2. 1.What scene from the play did you enjoy the most?
    when Bruno met Shmuel and became best friends.

    2.What did you think of the acting of Bruno and Shmuel?
    at such a young age i think they are amazing.

    3.What did you think of a live performance?
    I think its brave and confident to go up there and perform over thousands of people.

    4.Did you have fun?
    Yes i did have fun and specially thanks to Mrs Frankish, Miss Saunders,Mr McCabe,Miss janjua and miss Newy.

    by nasim :) :) :)

  3. 1)I enjoyed the scene When the two best Friends Met (Bruno and shmuel)

    2)OMG! What acting. I couldn’t believe such small children can do such fantastic acting.

    3)I loved the theater production alot. In my opinion,It was the best ever.

    4)YES! without a doubt!

    A special thanks to Mrs Frankish, miss Saunders,MR McCabe, Miss Sahin, Miss janjua and miss Newy.

  4. Thank you Mrs Frankish for spending your money on the Y6 theatre trip.It was so much fun and I enjoyed it.Well done to those people who asked the questions ,we all represented the school really well

  5. Thank you mrs frankish for letting us go to this amazing trip.I liked the part when Bruno and Shmeul met.Bruno and Shmuel both did do brilliant acting.It was fun.

  6. Thank you all of the teachers who arranged this and a very special thanks to Mrs Frankish! Thank you to Keeleigh’s mum for helping out Miss Saunders, Miss Janjua, Miss Newie and Mr McCabe for coming with us and guiding us in this supercalifraglisticexpialaocious trip!

    I loved the trip to the Belgrade Theatre so much!

    My favourite part of the production was when Bruno was going into the forest to meet Shmuel. I thought that when people dressed in dark colours picked him up and moved him to make it look like he was running and jumping at a fast pace!

    I think it was a fantastic experience watching children younger than us perform and to prove to us age doesn’t matter when it comes to skills. Shmuel and Bruno were a great pair of young actors and I though they got into their characters really well!

    I will certainly remember this trip! I thought it was fun, educational and just amazing!

    Thank you so much! :) :) :) :)

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed our trip today Year 6! Well done to all of you for being fantastic BH citizens. I know you all enjoyed and gained from the experience. You have certainly made me feel proud!

  8. I really am proud of you Y6. You have:
    -Given your time and support to others lately
    -Worked hard at school
    -Made sure our school community has fond memories of you.

    The staff in Y6 have worked hard to ensure you have memories that you will have for life, today was one of those times. I hope that you gained from the experience and will not forget.

  9. Wow Year 6, it looks like you had an amazing time! Well done for behaving so well and showing everyone just how amazing BH children are. :)

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