Year 6 Blue – English Descriptive writing 04.05.20

Continuing from the work last Monday and Tuesday, we are going to develop our descriptive writing skills. We will be using the following fighting/war scenes from Avengers: Endgame to write a setting description. Use your work from last week to help you as some of the language can be adapted.

Take a Look at the 'Avengers: Endgame' Deleted Final Scene | The ...

Activity 1 – Create descriptive phrases for the above fighting scenes. You can use the below examples and create your own phrases:

  1. Our harnesses were chinking and dinging under the boiling sky.
  2. Our swords were clinking and clashing under the churning sky.
  3. Our chain armour was jingling and tinkling under the turbulent, cellar-black sky.
  4. Our axes were clattering and clanking into their wooden shields under the roiling, doom-laden sky.
  5. Our weapons were clanging and clangorous under the seething, spite-filled sky.

Here are some other examples to describe the senses and the setting during the battle:

1 The sky was profane-black. (Creating atmosphere)

2 Our cold hands gripped our cold, steel swords. (Repetition)

3 The wind whipped at our faces. (Alliteration)

4 We looked at the sea of monsters that surrounded us. (Metaphor)

5 Their spears glinted wickedly. We were afraid. (Using a personal response)

6 Their feet stamped as they roared up at us. (Onomatopoeia)

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  1. Scene 1,2)The Dark sky was filled with smoke and a mist of pollution, Swords clanked against each other, blasts and explosions were everywhere and axes smashed into the ground,magic spells were cast and amour was starting to break piece by piece and the ground the was rumbling like it was like a giant earthquake. As we battled our ferocious enemies everyone was determined to win the war.
    Web slinging,sword slashing,Beam blasting and fist fighting, everyone fighting with no mercy.
    Scene 3)As we won the war the battlefield went quiet everyone paid their respects to people who fought to save the universe as we bowed down to pay our respects.

  2. The sky above churned as the ground beneath shook ferociously as millions of monsters and soldiers battled their enemy with pride.
    Weapons met with an unpleasant clash causing the world to be deafened
    by this horrible sound.
    There was a sea of monsters with wicked grins, that were about to charge at us with sharp, sailent spears.Inside we were all terrified.
    The brisk and blustery wind whipped our faces as we ran down the mushy field beneath our feet, hoping to survive.
    Our hearts raced rappidly.We waited intensely for one word.CHARGE

  3. picture 1 )The air was polluted with black smoke.
    picture 2 ) Our numb hands clutched on our weapons.
    picture 3 ) The ground had no hope .

  4. The sun was setting our swords were held by our cold hands ready to fight. The cold wind passes through our faces, we glanced at the sea monsters like they want to fight.

  5. Activity 1:
    The sky was clouded with a fine grey mist.
    Fighting for their lives under the seething, spite-filled sky.
    Swords collided causing a metallic crash to sound.
    Charging at the enemy, nothing else on their minds except them.
    Scared stiff, I stared at the approaching enemy.
    Dead bodies, drenched in blood, littered the ground.
    A flame flared up on the ground.

  6. Our sword striking beside the pitch-black sky.
    People’s faces full of furious flames and prepared for war.
    The next minute we were set to assault.
    It was hard to see our companions being pierced into half.

  7. Swords clashing,webs slinging,claws thrashing.A immense war of justice and redemption changing the course of the world in near future.Their only chance,our only chance to survive.The two rivalling rivals stared at each other with agitating tension.”charge!”and they struck…

  8. As the sun was setting our swords were shimmering in the light.
    The sky was a smoky grey , there was a mist revealing our opponents.
    As we glared at our opponents in deep silence we could hear the sea monsters swarming around in the background.
    When we began to charge at each other we could here the deadly sword being rubbed against another.

  9. 1 scene)You could hear our weapons clashing underneath the dark black sky.
    2 scene)Our faces where all fierce and ready for war with thanos.
    3 scene)We were all looking upset as most of our people are dead and coming to the end of the war with a 50-50 chance of winning and losing.

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