Year 6 British Values- Afternoon Tea

This week is British Values week. Today we started the day by having a special visit from Deputy Lieutenant  Lord George Marsh. In preparation, the children wrote what it means to be British on a flag and these were hung around the Muga. The national anthem was sang by the whole school. Lord Lieutenant addressed the school with an inspiring speech.

Year 6 then hosted High Tea for the governors and guests. Year 6 represented Broad Heath and spoke with pride about their learning and what it means to be a British Citizen.

Have a look at today’s amazing British events and YOU tell us WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOU TO BE BRITISH?


35 thoughts on “Year 6 British Values- Afternoon Tea

  1. I think we are very lucky to have Lieutenant Lord George Marsh to visit Broad Heath because he is very respected by all people because he works for the queen.
    It was also a pleasure to speak to all the school governors about our time at Broad Heath.

  2. It was a pleasure meeting Deputy Lieutenant Lord George Marshas and talking to some of the governors. I think it is great being British as we have our own rights and freedom. The afternoon tea was good, we met some governors and Deputy Lieutenant Lord George Marsh who represent the queen.

  3. It was an amazing opportunity to get to meet Her Majesty’s representative Deputy Lieutenant Lord George Marsh and we consider ourselves very fortunate to have hosted afternoon tea for him and the School Governors. Some children were even lucky enough to take him on a tour of the school. We also would like to congratulate the kitchen staff on preparing such delicious food for the afternoon tea. It was such an exiting day for Broad Heath because we can now say that we have met someone who has met the queen.

    By Haris and Mia.

  4. Being British means that every one can and has the right to vote or elect freely without anyone forcing them.Also being a British citizen means that we care, respect and listen to people (whether it is in school or the outer society) no matter what their religion , race or skin colour. Furthermore uniting our country and making it a democratic community means that everybody works as a team to produce or help each other.

  5. Being British to me (personally) means that I have my own rights, and that nobody can tell me where to go or what to do. Meeting the Lieutenant Lord George Marsh was really cool (even though i didn’t get the chance to talk to him).

  6. I thought was great yesterday, although I didn’t get to give Deputy Lieutenant George Marsh a tour of the school. I quite liked the food as well (especially the Scone).

  7. I think being British to me means that we all have rights to do things however we also have certain boundaries.I also think that being British means we all have freedom which means we have the right to vote and say what we want.I also enjoyed the day by listening to Liutenant Lord George Marsh.

  8. I personally believe meeting the Lieutenant Lord George Marsh is a great opportunity as we have never met him before, alsolso having an afternoon with him and all guests and governors.It was a great afternoon,I am pretty sure everyone enjoyed the afternoon.Also thank you Mrs Frankish for arranging this meeting,it was a great pleasure meeting Lord George Marsh.

  9. We lucky because we meet Lieutenant Lord George Marsh. In U.K we having respect for everyone even they wrong or wright . We can get them some good BROAD HEATH Citizens everyone is welcomed into our school.

  10. We had a great day and to me is mean that to respect people and si dosemater if you a different religion and si dosemater if you are different skin colour.

  11. To be British means to me is to have freedom to do everything but there are also rules to keep us safe.Everyone listens to our opinion even if you believe or not.In addition, there is no one that can change your thoughts or your personal opinion.The most important thing to me is we respect everyone with different faiths or if they don’t have one.
    By Linda and Isra

  12. I think British means equality and freedom. I think it means equality because we are all the same but in different ways. I also think it British means freedom because in other counties they don’t have a chance to speak up whereas we do have a chance to speak up.

  13. I love Britian because we have a right to vote for anyone when we are older and that we don’t have to believe in one religion. I think we should make the peace stay. Thank you for bringing him and for letting us come to the afternoon tea event.

  14. A great start to British Values week! It was great to be part of this day and made be feel proud to be part of this wonderful school. Keep it up ‘Broad Heathers!’

  15. I had a really fun day yesterday. Learning about what it means to be British and talking about my past with Lieutetenant Lord George Marsh and the other governors .

  16. To me being British means that we are all equal and have the same rights as each other no matter what religion you was great to have a fun opportunity thank you.

  17. We are very lucky to see Lieutentant Lord George Marsh not every school can have such a great opportunity so thank you Mrs.Frankish.

  18. I am very happy to be British because you can make your voice be heard and it doesn’t matter about you religion,faith and your skin colour because we are all treated the same as others.

  19. I think we are very lucky that we got to meet Lieutenant Lord George Marsh personally. It is a great thing to be British and to be British you need to follow the British values,which is what we are focusing on in this week. In the UK,there is democracy,which means everyone’s opinions are listened to,even if they are wrong. Everyone has individual liberty and is fair. The afternoon tea was amazing and some children(including me)got to take Lord George Marsh himself on a tour around school.
    Overall,I think the first day of British values week has been great!

  20. A fantastic start to the week. Loved how the Year 6 spoke confidently to our visitors. Stand tall and be proud Y6, I love it when I see you speak so confidently. You are great BH citizens who will be fantastic British citizens.

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