Year 6 conquer Thorpe Cloud!

As part of our Mountains topic, today Year 6 climbed a mountain! We all persevered when faced with different challenges along the way and made it to the summit! On our way home, some Year 6 children wrote about their experience…

Thorpe Cloud through Haniyah’s eyes:

As we strolled along the muddy path, we entered a world of giant leaves. Walking closer to the river, we saw four guardians and the meanest of them all…Thorpe Cloud. The anticipation bubbled in everyones’ stomachs thinking about the dangers that could unravel at any moment. On the other hand, we had thoughts of conquering this evil master. Venturing futher, the glossy snake river slithered around the guardians. Over the river were stepping stones as big as baby rhinos forcing up the weight of ten people at a time. We began moaning when we were only a couple of muddy steps up. Squelch, squelch, squelch. The sickening sound of soggy mud began to make people hungry.Finally, the eating spot arrived. The outdoor was full of surprises! After everyone was refueled, we continued on with our adventure. About an hour later, we were near the top. The terrain began to get even muddier and the group even wearier. With one more exhausted step, we reached the summit. The views were breathtaking.

image2IMG_1323                                              IMG_1329

Thorpe Cloud through Aishah’s eyes:

While we strolled along the path, nearing the river, we were faced by an army of intimidating giants. As intimidating as they were, we were all determined to conquer Thorpe Cloud. The meanest and most immense of them all. As we approached the foot of the mountain, our enthusiasm grew and grew. To get closer to Thorpe Cloud, we first had to defeat the stepping stones. Each step felt like a floating platform carrying us across the glossy river. Once we had crossed the river, we stumbled along a rocky path until we reached the foot of the mountain. Before climbing Thorpe Cloud, we took a moment to gaze at the breathtaking scenery. Finally, we were ready. We began our exhausting journey up the mountain. Only a few steps into the climb, we began to get tired. However, we had the determination and strength to continue our ascent. Half way through the climb, our legs felt like jelly. We were covered in mud and desperately needed a rest. We stopped to re-energise before continuing our journey. This time was harder as the wind was stronger and howled in our eyes. Rocks caused us to trip and slip and the mud made it feel like we were ice skating. We were so close to victory.  After a while, we were all at the summit celebrating our achievement. The views at the top were awe inspiring. From the clouds, everything below looked like tiny dots. We couldn’t relax yet though as the tricky job of climbing back down was still to come. It took a while but with teamwork and steady feet, we made it. We sat on the coach exhausted yet exhilarated; this is definitely an experience we will never forget.

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17 thoughts on “Year 6 conquer Thorpe Cloud!

  1. Sounds like everyone had a fantastic day with memories that will last a long time – if not forever!
    I enjoyed your writing and the examples on the blog added great imagery to the experiences that you encountered.
    I don’t know what has been planned for the new year but if you get the chance to go to Dol-y-Moch then try your best to go on the visit, you will then see really fantastic scenery and very BIG mountains in North Wales.

  2. Thank you to Mrs Frankish, Miss Saunders, Miss Sahin, Mrs Janjua, Mr McCabe and Mrs Jones who organised the trip and supported us during the trip. It was an amazing experience and the views were breathtaking. It was such an fantastic feeling when we reached the top and as challenging it was, it was all worth it when we celebrated at the top. I definitely recommend it for next year.

  3. Thank you for this trip

    It was amazing.As I we arrived at Thorpe cloud I was shocked because the mountain was as tall as Big Ben.when we were climbing up the mountain the wind was a valcano erupting.When I was at the top of the mountain I felt like I was a winner and I was proud that I completed the challenge.

    By Ismaeel dean

  4. On the top of the Mountain the view is so beautiful,the rocks where so gigantic..It was so cold on top of the Mountain like a tornado.Then we saw the stepping stone.The stepping stone were big. Dovedail is big like Mount Everest.
    I really enjoined dovedail it was so fun

  5. On the top of the Mountain the view is so beautiful,the rocks where so gigantic like Mount Everest.It was so cold on top of the Mountain like a tornado.Then we saw the stepping stone.The stepping stone were big.
    I really enjoined dovedail it was so fun

  6. Thank you !!!

    The trip to dovedale was really fun. We all had lots of fun.

    As we entered a gigantic new world of leaves and mud. It was like sinking in quicksand. Soon we got closer to the river. It sounded like snakes slithering towards us, getting ready to strike at us. Then we got closer to the stepping stones which were like giant backs of whales. Nezt we started to climb the mountain. Everyone was so tired but we all carried on and when we got to the top we were all proud of our self .The view was amazing and absoloutly astonishing.

    Aaliahkhabn 6s

    • It is so cruel because taking four steps up the mountain made us all moan also the fact that we had many slips and trips because of all the mud and water, anyway we put it the experience was spectacular and Thank you Mrs Frankish, Miss Saunders, Miss Sahin, Miss Janjua and Mr McCabe for this extraordinary event.

      It was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious :) :) :) :)

  7. It was amazing looking at the countryside and had real life experience thanks to Miss Sahin,Miss Saunders,Ms Janjua,Mr Mccabe and Mrs Jones.

    :) :) :)

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