Year 6 – Crosswords

Good morning Year 6.

I hope you all enjoyed your week off from learning and made the most of the fresh air.

It is good to hear that everyone will be back at school on 8th March. I know I am please and look forward to seeing you all and working with you again.

I have a couple more crosswords for you to have a go at and to extend your vocabulary. Use a dictionary if you need to to support you with these.

Good luck. Please post your answers on the blog and I will share the answers with you on Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Year 6 – Crosswords

  1. Crossword 1:
    1) Yesterday
    2) Ostrich
    3) Griller, Toaster
    4) Mansion
    5) Botanist
    6) Teacher
    Crossword 2:
    1) Flute
    2) Letters
    3) Thread
    4) Crewmate?
    5) Pattern
    6) Illegal
    7) ?

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