Year 6 Dovedale Trip

Hi Everyone,

Here is a short video of our trip. Have a watch and answer the questions below.

  1. What did you gain from the trip?
  2. Why are trips like Dovedale a valuable experience?
  3. Think of 5 WOW words to describe the trip- it might be words to describe what you saw, how you felt, any powerful vocabulary that comes up mind!

22 thoughts on “Year 6 Dovedale Trip

  1. During my trip to Dovedale,I learnt how to climb a real mountain and the skills I used were co-operation skills with my team.This was a valuable trip as we got to see how beautiful nature is.

  2. I loved the trip, it was the best trip I have went on,
    It was wet but fun. I really enjoyed the view when we climbed right to the top

  3. The trip was a valuable experience because we got to climb a tall mountain also good for other people who haven’t climbed a mountain befor

  4. I gained how to get up and down a mountain.
    I think trips like Dovedale are valuable because normally trips are inside and this was outside so we saw how nature is really like.

  5. I gained as I now know how to ascend and descend from a mountain without falling.I think trips like dovedale are valuable because we gain experience of nature.
    Eye catching

  6. Well done. Everyone I spoke to had a fabulous time. I was so impressed with the behavior,encouragement and support you all gave each other. I hope this have given you all confidence to take on future challenges. Well done .

  7. I learnt how to keep my balance on slippy and rocky places.
    It is valuable to go to dovedale because it’s very rare to climb a mountain on a trip with school. Thank you Mrs. Frankish, Mr. McCabe, Mrs Janjua, Mrs Jones and Miss Sahin for a great opportunity.
    5 WOW Words
    Great view
    Cute sheep

  8. What I gained form this trip is geography skills because now I know parts of mountain and I know how to climb a mountain and what paths shall I take.I also gained what people do near mountains,for example I saw many farms so people near Dovedale could be farmers and I saw which animals live near mountains.They include sheep,cows,birds and many more.Furthermore,I saw a fuel station people could be supplying fuel for quad bikes.I gained from this trip by looking at views so beautiful, I may never see again.

    Trips like Dovedale are a valuable experience because many children at the age of 10 don’t climb a mountain and it is not what people do in everyday life and it is valuable because I may never climb a mountain again and this is why we cherish memories like these.

    WOW words

  9. I thought that the view was lovely. There were hills rolling across the scenery,and the sheep looked like tiny dots of white, often bleating and trying to move out of their pen. This was occasionally followed by the sound of a quad bike herding the sheep into a group. There almost used to be silence at the top of the mountain,which was to be broken by the singing of the birds.

    The Dovedale trip was a valuable experience as there are not many opportunities to go to enjoy nature places like Dovedale. This is why I think going to Dovedale was valuable.

    Climbing mount Thorpe was incredible,calm,thrilling,educational and fun. Overall,I thought the trip was outstanding!

    Thank you for letting us to avail this opportunity where I was able to enhance my knowledge of mountains,which is also our topic this term.

  10. What I gained was what nature looked like more in the countryside and the peaceful sounds I could hear.Trips like dove dale are valuable because then we would know how to climb and it was educational.The trip was nervous,fun,exciting,tiring and outstanding. Thank you miss.😍

  11. I learnt that you can see many different things on the mountain than you can see on the floor.
    I think it is a valuable experience because you don’t get to do this fun activities all the time and get good excersize.
    5 words i would describe the trip are Awsome Epic Outstanding Fabulous and Hard

  12. It shows us on trips like dovedale we don’t need internet to see incredible scenery . The lush green grass looked like a blanked made from velvet.
    I could fell the wind swaying from side to side. I was proud of my self for climbing to the top of mount thorp. It was a amazing experience! Thank you

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