9 thoughts on “Year 6 Dovedale Trip

  1. The mountain climbing was hard but going down was not a challenge after we pass the 1st hill on the mountin and the jumping rocks on the river were fun but scary at the same time because you could fall in the river and the Dovedale trip was really fun😀

  2. I faced how to climb a slippy mountain.
    A new experience that I had was when we had to cross the rocks in order to go to the end of the river (which was easy).

  3. The challenge I faced climbing the mountain although it was easy to come down it was a bit tricky to go up while you go up it’s slippery.Climbing was a new experience as well as walking In the place which had lot things to see

  4. The parts of Dovedale I found hard was when you had to step on the rock to get higher up the mountain
    The new experiences I had today was walking on stepping stones and also trying to walk on stones that weren’t stable
    I loved Dovedale and I want to do do it again

  5. Me and my dad really enjoyed going on the trip. Thanks for the once in a lifetime opportunity. The challenges I faced was when I was climbing up the mountain as it was a little slippery.

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