Year 6 Easter Holiday Work

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Hello Year 6!

What a wonderful term we have had, you have all worked so incredibly hard and definitely deserve a break!

However, we do not want yo to forget everything you have learnt – it’s time to keep progressing and the best way to do this is through revision!

Mrs Ahmed will be hosting an LBQ each day, any body will be able to join. I strongly suggest that you do this each day!

Below I have attached the revision material. Please use this to aide in your learning.

If you have any CGP books or packs/tests, please complete these. You still need to be reading daily and completing your VIPER tasks

Arithmetic Questions Broken down by Subject ( with guide)

SATs Maths Practise Papers

Maths Revision Tips

CPG 10 min Tests Maths and SPaG

SPAG Placemat... | My Primary Classroom


SPaG Glossary


Passive and Active Voice

Combined SpaG Test

11 thoughts on “Year 6 Easter Holiday Work

  1. Thank you for the revision tips and practice questions!
    I will definitely try and complete as much as I can!
    Have a great holiday everyone! :D

  2. Mrs Ahmed I don’t got lbq code or are we going to start Monday to Friday please let me know because I am confused in this thing.

    Thanks q

  3. Mrs Ahmed I did not get my homework book so I am writing on a piece of paper and will stick it in my homework book after holidays.

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