Year 6 Entrepreneur week

For Entrepreneur week in year 6 we have been looking at the successful business women Deborah Meaden. To give the children an understanding of how businesses are run and the different types, Eon the electricity company came into the school to work with the children. This gave them an insight into how their business is run, and to help them understand how important electricity is to our world. The children worked with Allan from Eon by doing a range of activities ranging from dancing, games and performing a play. Year 6 really enjoyed this and performed their play to the rest of the year.


Can you tell me how electricity is made?

What did you learn today that you didn’t know about electricity?

Can you tell me some interesting facts about electricity?


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  1. Here are some facts about Deborah Meaden:

    She ran a multi-million pound family holiday business, before completing a management buyout, but is now best known for her appearances on the BBC Two business programme Dragons’ Den.

    Meaden published Common Sense Rules (Random House) in the UK in May 2009.

    In November 2009, Meaden featured in a short film to promote Somerset to businesses, commissioned by Into Somerset, having previously recorded two other short films for the inward investment agency in February 2009.

    She was born on February 11, 1959 in Somerset.

    BILAL.HUSSAIN :) :) :) :)

  2. Q1) I found out that one way of making electricity is by burning Cole and from power station. Another way is by wind turbines.

    Q2) I found out different ways of making electricity.

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