23 thoughts on “Year 6 ‘Eye of the Tiger’

  1. Eye of the Tiger is Amazing Miss Saunders used her arm to get Mr mcabe out of the race even Mr mcabe used his arm to get Mrs Saunders out of the race

  2. I really enjoyed Music Week.I love how everyone participated and tried their best.I especially enjoyed watching and creating the video.Thank you Miss Saunders and Mr McCabe for putting our video together.Well Done Year 6. :)

  3. ur video is really good. Everyone gave their best to make this video the best especially the teachers. In music week, I was interested to learn this song . I learnt that this song is about not giving up and keep trying. I had a brilliant music week.

  4. Hi Miss Bhandal,
    Thank you so much for the beautiful comment. We are all so proud of Year 6 and how hard they have worked this week. They had a super time filming, learning and most of all having fun.
    It’s lovely to hear people coming up to us and saying how much they enjoyed watching the video. Credit to Miss Saunders and Mr McCabe for putting it to together.
    Welldone Year 6 ☆★☆★

  5. Year 6, this may be my favourite of all the music videos. I love this even more than the original music video, and you’ve made me listen to this song on repeat since yesterday (it’s even on right now). You’re an amazing, talented, hard working and inspiring year group of children. I can see how much fun you had this week making this video, every time I saw a year 6 member throughout the week I just naturally started singing ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and you sang along with me =). Well done for creating something magical, you should all be proud of yourselves. What a memory to have =).
    Year 6 staff, you’ve made something (in the words of the children) EPIC! I can’t help but smile every time I watch it.
    Miss B =)

  6. WOW!Well Done Year 6 You have put much effort and worked all as a team Everyone joined in and must of all it was fun the way through. The best part was when Miss Saunders and Mr Mc cabe were pushing each other in the race!!

  7. WOW! The video Is great I really enjoyed being part in the video. The funny part was when miss Saunders and Mr McCabe were running.


  8. WOW!!! 2S have just watched this and we LOVED it! We are all very proud of you Year 6. You must have worked so hard. It looks great!! Well done!

  9. This was an amazing song which we all enjoyed. Also I would like to thank Mr MCcabe, Mrs Newie, Miss Saunders, Theo, Mrs Janjua, and finally all my fellow class mates for making this be an amazing video. Additionally, this was only a brilliant video because off our amzzing teamwork skills.

  10. I really enjoyed the video. It was very fun when we were doing the video. The funny part was when Miss Saunders and Mr mcabe were running.


  11. wow! well done Year 6. I have enjoyed myself thoroughly. I am so proud of how you all worked as part of a team and gained in many ways…only Broad Heath can create these magic moments :)

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