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Year 6 Fiver Challenge

The first day of Year 6’s Fiver Challenge and what a success!

Year 6: What did you learn about business? What did you learn about customer service? What went well? What would you change for next time?

Customers: What did you think? What was your favourite stall? What would like us to change for next time?Β 

See you all at lunchtimes next week! Remember to bring money into school!Β 

17 thoughts on “Year 6 Fiver Challenge

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  2. The fiver challenge was really fun! I learnt that in a business you have to market your stall for people to come. My favourite stall was the slushie stall .

  3. I learnt that in a business you have to be making a profit if you want to be successful. Also it is important to work as a team because you have different ideas and can combine them into your business. If you want to have a customer you must be persuasive towards them and use formal language. Also you have to promote your product by saying the positive things about it and not negative. The thing that went well in my teams buisness was that we made a profit and we had nearly sold our prouducts. The thing that I would change for next time is our location because we didn’t have much customers coming. Also the prices because we had sold very quickly so We may increase the price

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