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10 thoughts on “Year 6 Goodbye

  1. i will miss broad heath as well . I do hope that year 5 will learn and and learn love from the best year 6 teachers ever . Even our new { sort of} teacher Mrs Kaur. You will all gain as much as we have and i hope all will be well. We will never forget our journey that had sadly ended but mostly we will never forget our year 6 teachers and Mrs Frankish. Miss you all and i will visit one day and hope you all will…GAIN!!

    love from me and hopefully all year 6 😭😭❀❀❀❀

  2. I love broad heath I miss all my friends including class members I hope the best for everyone.i made a song for everyone in year 6 cannot wait to sing it to still crying in my heart but I always renember once a broad heather always a broad heather I hope on some days I can visit thank you broad heath teachers and mrs Frankish. I hope mrs Jones will read this since she was not here on the day.

  3. I already miss everyone of my friends and teachers. I will never forget them.They will always be in my heart no matter what happens.I hope everyone enjoys secondary and i also wish the teachers to have a really great year with their new classes.Hope to see everyone again someday.Not matter what we will always be a part of Broad Heath in someway.I will miss this school so much.This school has taught me so much throughout the 8 years i have been here.When I started in Nursery I did not know any English and now I have gained so much from all the teachers and also the best head teacher ever Mrs Frankish.Everyone has supported me so much and i would like to thank you for that.TO GAIN!
    Hope you enjoyed our video.

    • You are a credit to your parents M, you came to a new country, embraced the culture and gained! I am so proud of you! Keep on gaining! X

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