Year 6 Homework Tasks (Due 29/09/21)

Week 2 Homework checklist:
*Daily reading and updating my reading journal.
*Practising my spellings and putting these into sentences.
*Completing one task from the homework overview.
*Completing homework set on ‘Mathletics
(Rounding, numbers to digits and place value to a million)
*Completing homework set on ‘ A)
*Comment on the Norway blog

Homework overview
(Please select ONE task to complete from the WEEK TWO column)

Y6 Spelling practise
(This weeks rules are: Suffix ‘fer’ )

Check out the BBC bitesize video sharing tips and tricks on how to add to the suffix ‘fer’ to words.

General notices:
*All children in for 8.30AM each morning
*Healthy snack for break time
*Swimming kits- Monday
*P.E. kits- Tuesday
*Homework deadline- Wednesday

Homework and reading journals MUST BE shared and approved by parents before coming to school.
Any incomplete homework or poor quality homework will be sent back home.

39 thoughts on “Year 6 Homework Tasks (Due 29/09/21)

  1. I did mathletics and scored 10 in all except one I scored 9 because I was writing the write answer but tapped on the wrong number number

  2. I have done the mathletics and on the first task I got 9/10 because I meant to type 13,000 but I accidentally typed 1300 I completed the SPAG

    • You left school at 3.15, got home and completed your homework before 4.05?

      To produce quality homework Eesa, your ‘WOW’ homework should take up to an hour.

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