Year 6 learning all about chocolate!

As part of our history unit ( The Ancient Maya ) we embedded our learning further by understanding how chocolate is made. Our chocolate expert ( Carl ) explained to us how chocolate is made from cocoa beans, where these beans come from and how these beans are than transformed into chocolate. Together we watched a video which broke down this process and really aided our understanding of how these beans are prepared ready to use in the making of chocolate.

Carl explained to us the difference in dark, milk and white chocolate. I was astonished to learn that white chocolate doesn’t have any cocoa paste and it’s actually just made up of milk powder, sugar and cocoa butter! How unhealthy is that?

We were then given the task of making our very own piece of chocolate. Carl offered us various ingredients including Rice Krispies, rainbow drops, raisins, toffee chips and oats to create our base. Carefully Carl then poured in hot melted Belgium chocolate onto our bases. We allowed this to set before decorating our very own chocolate piece!

What was the most memorable moment of the workshop for you?

What new facts did you learn today?

4 thoughts on “Year 6 learning all about chocolate!

  1. Most memorable part of the workshop was when we got to make our own chocolate.
    I learnt that when the cocoa beans and fresh out the pod they are covered in white coating.

  2. The most memorable day of the workshop was eating chocolate and making the chocolate.
    i have learnt that cocoa butter is bad for you and there is so many calories the dark chocolate is a good one because it has less cocoa butter and has sugar and milk chocolate has a slightly more calories and white chocolate is more bad for your teeth because it has a lot of cocoa butter and loads of sugar.

  3. 1) The most memorable part of the day was when we tried the nibs from the cocoa bean, as some of us never got to try it before and when we did try it some of us liked it and some didn’t.

    2) The new facts that I learned today was how much sugar,milk powder,cocoa paste and cocoa butter are in a chocolate bar. Also how they harvest the cocoa beans in Africa.

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