Year 6 Maths Challenge

Bronze Challenge



Silver Challenge

Sleigh Ride


In Snow Town, 3 rows of 4 igloos are linked by 17 sleigh paths. Each path is 10 metres long.

When Santa visits, he likes to go along each path at least once. His route can start and end at any igloo.

How long is the shortest route Santa can take?

What if there are 4 rows of 5 igloos?


Gold Challenge

Bus Routes

Gold1 Gold2 Gold3

15 thoughts on “Year 6 Maths Challenge

  1. Dear miss Saunders and miss Frankish

    I think that the first one is 110 meters.
    And i also think the second is 210 meters.

    BY AaliahKhan 6S
    I hope you are happy with my work.!!!

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