Year 6 Maths Homework- Miss Sahin’s group

Hi to all my maths group.
For your homework this week I would like you to consolidate your knowledge of calculating fractions by creating a ‘Guide to calculating fractions’. You need to explain how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions, giving examples as you do.

This can be completed neatly in your homework books. Please use mathematical vocabulary and make sure your explanations are set out clearly and concisely.

Thank you, have a lovely weekend :)

2 thoughts on “Year 6 Maths Homework- Miss Sahin’s group

  1. ADDING!

    1) First you will need your sum: 1/4 and 8/4.
    2) Next you will need to look at the denominator (bottom numbers) and add them together.
    3) After you need to add (+) the two numirators together (top half) = 9/8
    4) Finally because its an improper fraction the actual fraction is 1 1/8

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