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Year 6 Maths workshop

Today, selected children across the three year 6 classes visited Spon Gate Primary School to take part in a Mathematicians workshop. This was a full day event which the children extremely enjoyed! The challenges provided on the day were incredibly diverse involving members of the team working together to solve different maths problems. The afternoon also involved origami which the children found challenging but still completed the formation of a Sonobe cube.

A special shout out to Zaynab, Bethany and Saniyah who achieved the highest score from Broad Heath in the various challenges.

Questions for the children who attended today:

What did you enjoy most about today?

Did you learn anything new?

12 thoughts on “Year 6 Maths workshop

  1. I had so much fun! My favourite part of the day was either the cards challenges or making senote cubes but I loved the crystal maze theme. The challenges were quite hard but me and Zabit managed to complete them. At the end, when we played the 24 game, it got very tense however I enjoyed myself. A new skill I learnt is how to add card values of different suits together so all of the cards are used to total square numbers. ♦️ ♥️ ♣️♠️🃏

  2. I enjoyed the part when we got to go outside and play basketball and I also liked the part when we got to pick some puzzles and solve them.Me and Eesa Kabir always picked the hard challenges so we could get more crystals.Also,I liked the bit where we got to create our own senoti cubes in our origami lesson.

    I didn’t learn anything new but it helped me remember some of the previous maths techniques that I knew that I forgot.

    To conclude,I really enjoyed the workshop and it was great fun.I was happy that I didn’t have to do any English work.🙂

    By Ismail Ali 6B 😎😜🤑

  3. I enjoyed doing the make 24 game because it was really easy therefore i got lots of points for my group.I learnt how to make a cube with just 6 square coloured pieces of paper.

  4. The children who were picked to participate in the maths workshop were lucky.Well done to the girls in year 6 for achieving a high score.

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