Hi all,

*Performance update: Just to let you know the live performance was recorded today. The kids did an amazing job!! We have experienced a few technical issues in the upload, so it will not be ready tonight. The performance will be available Monday morning.* We apologise if this caused any inconvenience.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you

Year 6 Staff

10 responses to “Year 6 Performance update”

  1. Haniah T.

    Okay thanks the performance was so fun! but I didn’t get a role

  2. Laiba R.

    Sorry I missed the performance I was ill. Have a great weekend everyone I think I will come on Monday I think.

    1. Haniah T.

      Hello Laiba I hope you feel better soon and stay safe bff! :D

      1. Laiba R.

        You have a happy eid too bye.

    2. Haniah T.

      Have a great weekend too and have a happy eid!

      1. Laiba R.

        Thanks Haniah you have great day too thanks how was the performance?

        1. Haniah T.

          It was so nice!

  3. Luqman A.

    Oh ok! i understand

  4. Francesca L.

    If you didn’t bring clothes in do you have to come in them or shall we get them in a plastic bag.

    1. Mr Janjua

      Bring them in a plastic bag please Francesca.

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