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  1. I enjoy money week and we learn a lot of thing lately also when we went to the city council house it was fun😊😊😊😊😊😊☺☺😊☺

  2. I really enjoyed money week because we went to an important place in Coventry and we also met the people that sort and decide where all the money goes to.
    I learnt that the Coventry City Council spend their money on:
    schools, leisure centres, parks and transport.

  3. I enjoyed money week because we got the chance to visit the council where we learnt many facts such as:
    *There were three keys to open the door to the treasury.
    *Queen Elizabeth the first locked Mary Queen of Scots in Coventry Council house.

    Also a lady from HSBC came and informed us that we should always
    keep our pin number hidden and we should not tell our friends,family or anyone as it is personal,confidential information.

    We also learnt how to fill in a cheque and to not write in pencil as the amount of money can be rubbed out and changed.

  4. I really enjoyed going to the council house
    because we got to go to different rooms and
    we got to learn about what happens in the
    council house.

    I really enjoyed Money week because we got to
    Have a incredible work shop also we got to see the
    Bank teacher and she talked about when you are
    getting money out of your own bank account
    you must always make sure that the person
    behind you needs to be standing behind the
    white line.

  5. Thank you. I learnt lots .
    Money week was really fun. HSBC could lend a Visa card . But you have to be older to have pay check. Thank you for letting us know about money and how to keep safe about cards and what happens if your not carful. πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  6. In money week I have gained a lot of new information. One piece of information I had learnt is that the council spent most of there money to improve things or even to make things. A lady came in from HSBC bank and talked about how money should be spent and what money is all about.
    I really enjoyed that week. Thank you everybody

  7. My favourite part was when the man came and we did a challenge.Also the council house was very interesting because there were lots of facts.The funny thing about the council house was when the queen wanted Mary to bowl to her.

  8. I realy enjoyed money week because there was alot of fun things going on but my favourite thing to do was to make the cupcakes and cookies.Thank you miss sahin and all the otherteachers

  9. Thank you mrs Frankish and all the teachers who arrange this week i really enjoyed it.my favourite things were when the lady from the HSBC bank came.i really enjoyed the council house where I learnt a lot but one of my favourite things was when the man came in and we some problem solving i can’t believe herminy /maleka tired killing Dawson!.

  10. I really thought the council house was a great opportunity for all of the pupils that went. In money week I really enjoyed all of the fun activities that were being held. A woman came in from the bank called HSBC and talked to us all about money and debit and credit cards. The activitie I most enjoyed was visiting the council house. Thank you to Mrs Frankish and all the teachers who made money week fun

  11. The council house was my favourite part in money week because we learnt some amazing facts about the council house and we also learnt about the budget the government and council have a year.Also the HSBC came and told us how to write a cheque and how fraud is everywhere so we can’t trust anyone to tell your pin.

  12. i really liked when we did the 123 challenge. plus when the lady came from the bank HSBC and talked to us about banking, fraud and credit and debit cards. my favourite is where we went to the council house the inside view was very pretty.:]

  13. I really enjoyed learning about what the council look after and sure the money come from. The part I most enjoyed was when
    the women from HSBC came

  14. I gained my knowledge by learning new facts. One example is the government budget for the whole of the UK is approximately Β£760,000,000,000 and the Coventry City Council’s budget is 699,540,000 per year. Also the HSBC bank taught us how to write a cheque and how to keep safe when you have a credit card. My favourite part of the week was when we went to the Coventry City Council.

    Thank you Miss Janjua and Mr Mcabe for a great week.

  15. I really like money week because we went to the council house we saw interesting things and facts about the council we went to the chamber and we saw some Lord Mayors one was called Sidney stringer.

  16. During project week I had lots of fun but also learnt lots about our community and money.I liked seeing the lady from HSBC because she told us lots about how money should be spent and the dangers of money and the risks in having a bank.I also enjoyed being a detective to find out who poisoned their food in the Great British bake off.We used our problem solving skills to find out who it was and we found out it was the old lady,Hermoine Woods!I also had fun going to the council house and learning about council house and doing a SOLE project about how government spends money.Thank you Mrs Janjua and Mr McCabe for this fantastic oppurtunity!

  17. This week the project “Money week” was fun. I gained lot and had a lot of fun. My favourite part was when the lady from the bank, HSBC, came and talked to us about banking, fraud and credit and debit cards.

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