Year 6 Portfolios-Autumn 2-2021

Wow! Another super half term of gaining.
You have all worked really hard and challenged yourselves. You have impressed all of us with your determination, dedication and creativity. You have gained so much in all subjects so you should be proud of yourselves.

Take a look at these portfolios which showcase your super learning and share with your family and friends.





Please share 3 subjects where you have made super gains this half term!


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  1. My favourite subjects were art, English and maths particularly because in art I learned different ways of sketching. In English I made a massive progress when writing my lost story adventure and definitely in maths I made a huge progression when I was learning all the different things about fractions

  2. The three subjects I have enjoyed and made lots of progress from are Maths,History and English. This is because in Maths this half term we have learnt about the bus stop method (which is also known as short division)not only this but also long division! At first I had no idea what this method was and how to do it but later on in the week I made so much progress! Now these methods are methods that I am now very confident with!I have also made progress in History because at the start of the term we were learning about the Black Death and I was also learning about at terrible part in History that I never knew about! Futhermore,I have made progress in English because we have been learning about poems and O have learnt many different types of poems such as odes,sonnets,shape and many more! Not only this but I have also learnt the features of these poems and how they are all different! I have also been able to successfully write a sonnet (including all the features) and with many literary devices-such as metaphors,idioms,similes and much more!
    I can’t wait for next half term and what we will be learning about soon!
    Have a brilliant holiday everyone and a Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating!

  3. I enjoyed maths because I learnt how to do long division and I have expanded my learning on multiplication and division. In the fractions unit,I have learnt how to convert fractions to have the same denominators using LCM. Also I can order the fractions and solve word problems linked to converting and comparing.
    I have made progress in English because I can successfully use journalistic vocabulary and can report a news story.
    In the poetry unit,I learnt what iambic pentameter is and the different features of a sonnet. I have also identified what a rhyming scheme is.
    In science,I can confidently explain how the blood pumping system works,and I can also label different parts of the heart. I enjoyed dissecting a heart,. Also,I can explain the composition of the blood.
    Black Death unit has been a success because I can explain the different symptoms,how the plague started, and know different key events in the spread of the plague. I enjoyed the peasants revolt on Black Death day.

  4. The three subjects I improved in this half term was History because I learnt a lot about Black Death but before we learnt about it I hardly knew anything also Literacy because I have completed my poem with figurative language also hyperbole and alliteration. The last subject I improved in was Design and technology as I sowed without any help.

  5. My favourite thing in this half term was making a Plague Doctor mask it was hard for first but now is easy so I’m going to make more mask at my house.

  6. My favourite part of this term was when learning about the history of the Plague. This term I gained much more in maths as I got more GD challenges and improved my reasoning. In English I was able to identify different poems and understand the features of a sonnet.
    In science I am able to identify the key parts of a heart and annotate where the oxygenated blood goes.

  7. My favourite part about the week was when we had the chance to learn about the Black Death because it was a excellent time to learn about new things when we did not know about it.

  8. My favourite part about the half term was learning about Black Death because we got to make our own masks and learn to stitch fabrics and also have an awesome Black Death day.

  9. My favourite part of this half term has been learning about The Plague. The plague is referred to as a the black death which had occurred in the 13th century.
    His half term was very interesting. I have learnt alot about DNA the heart and more about fractions in math.

  10. My favorite part of the term was when we extracted the DNA from a strawberry because we don’t get the opportunities to do practical experiments like this.
    I have made progress by expanding my explanations in any piece of writing or reasoning and used evidence from extracts ( reading).
    Overall, I loved this term so far!! I would love to do more practical experiments and drama!! :)))

    • In history, I enjoyed learning about the symptoms and remedies of the Black Death.

      In English, I have enjoyed writing a sonnet about winter.

      In DT, I have enjoyed making a plague doctor mask using the over stitch.