Year 6 – Portfolios Spring 1 2022

Well done everyone on another great half term of learning.

Take a look back on your learning to see what you have achieved. Share these portfolios with your family and friends and celebrate your successes.
Well done everyone.

9 thoughts on “Year 6 – Portfolios Spring 1 2022

  1. I really enjoyed this term. I enjoyed learning about how natural disasters occur in geography. In english, I have also enjoyed writing the diary entry from the perspective of Trevor.

  2. My favourite part of English was that we got to watch the movie so we knew what we were going to write about in Trevor and Shaun’s diary entry and we got to describe certain parts of the movie and we also discovered the lack of formality in Shaun’s diary entry as he is a teenager.
    What I enjoyed about the math was that we turned fractions to decimals and decimals into percentages. I learnt how to increase and decrease percentages. I also learnt how to find missing amounts and much more!
    In science, I leant that Carl Linnaeus was a man who would classify animals and discover taxonomy. I also enjoyed creating our own Dichotomous keys and classifying the different leaves.

  3. In maths,I enjoyed learning how to convert percentages into fractions and decimals. Also,I know how to find percentages of amounts,and how to calculate percentage increase and decrease. At the end of the unit,we completed a series of percentage word problems,which I also enjoyed.
    In topic,I enjoyed finding out how different natural disasters occur. I found out about the impact and affects of these extreme weather’s. But I still wanted to find out how avalanches and blizzards are formed.
    In science,I enjoyed researching about Carl Linnaeus and how he impacted future taxonomy. I can compared species of arachnids and leaves using a Dichotomous key. Also, I could classify types of animals by invertebrates and vertebrates,and the 5 animal groups. I enjoyed creating a plant that could survive in droughts,wildfires and other antural disasters. I really enjoyed all the writing.
    In English,I enjoyed created the double page spread in the first lesson,and noticing the characters features. I enjoyed describing the characters and settings using different language features,and writing the diary entry from the perspective of a seismologist. The informal diary entry,in the perspective of a ‘cool’ teenage boy,was much easier (most people are good at writing informal).
    We also did another English unit :Balanced arguments. I learnt the features of a balanced argument. I enjoyed doing all the research for both for and against of the argument (the question was ‘Are most natural disasters man made today?’). This linked close to our topic unit. In the end,we did a lot of writing for our balanced argument,but I love doing a lot of writing.

  4. I had fun this half term! It was really great that we were able to create our own Java yashimoto inspired piece of artwork using collage,painting,sketching and adding tone! I also have made progress during this half term by being able to convert decimal into percentages and fractions into percentages. I also have made progress by having a higher score in all practise Sats and I hope this continues next half term!

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