Year 6 Portfolios – Summer 1 2022

Wow ! What a term.

This half term started as a fun rollercoaster with non-stop learning and revising. You all gave 100% and showed great determined to succeed in your SATS tests. We are all super proud of you for such positivity and commitment to your studies.

Share the portfolio with your friends and family and be proud of your achievements. Have good break and we have an exciting half term ahead.

What learning opportunities have you enjoyed this half term?


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  1. I have enjoyed writing a SATS poem all about what happened during SATS week and how we revised. I also enjoyed celebrating woth all of my friends.

  2. I enjoyed after our Sat’s when all we had was fun. We also had a Sat’s party which was a great moment after the stressful week of Sat’s. I am looking forward to my Sat’s results.

  3. I got to prepare for secondary and actually have Fizzy drinks in school and then the next day we barely did any learning we just had fun independently and with our partners.