Nursery Applications for 2024 are now LIVE!


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  1. well my years of primary are officially over, but I know deep inside ill always be a broad heather and ill never forget anyone. Thank you all for being my teachers and I wouldn’t be the inaaya that I am right now. Good luck to the next year 6’s! My almost final goodbyes to my teachers, but ill come back and visit on the Monday you guys get back! I’ll be picking my little brother up from nursery! ill come and visit ALL of u!! Hope Miss Starkey will still be in touch on the blog. I’m crying right now because ill miss the best teachers ive ever had at broad heath!! Goodbye and may all your wishes come true! ill still be on thw blog and commenting. ❤️ You All😭

  2. You are so lucky year 6.
    Who won the dance off.
    What certificates were there.
    Did the teachers get certificates.
    What kind of food were there at the ball.

    • Well, probably Mr Patel for his flossing😂
      Different kinds, such as chattiest class
      clown sportiest AMD MUCH MORE
      Nope they DIDNT get certificates only kids
      mini cans of fizzy drinks, pizza, crisps, cakes, juice and water! Thank you for asking these questions

  3. Mrs street’s and Mrs Jones’ dances were the funniest dances,you should do that again for the rest of the years and I’ll keep on laughing for years and years.