Year 6 Reading Challenge

Hi Year 6,

Here is your Spring 2 reading challenge.

First, you need to watch the video carefully and use it to inspire your challenge response. The link is below.

Bronze: Write a character description of the giraffe. Use lots of detailed descriptive language, writer’s tricks and excellent spelling, punctuation and grammar. You need to think about its appearance as well as its personality.

Silver: Write a newspaper report on the events. Remember to include a catchy headline, journalistic and formal language and other key features of a newspaper article. Correct SPaG is a must!

Gold: Describe the events that occur in the video in detail from the viewpoint of the giraffe.

4 thoughts on “Year 6 Reading Challenge

  1. As i enterd the magical world and i slowly walked.After 1 second time i thought there must be more than me.I heard a big bang and a door opended it was my friends.
    soon a few of us came out.

  2. As i entered the wide room, past the huge door,i could see the lights as bright as fireflies.I was speechless.I just knew that it was the most amazing place in the world.We gathered together as we walked one by one on the white passage that lead to the…

    The luxurious, Olympic sized swimming pool!! I could not hesitate the view it was absolutely outstanding.We walked on until i stopped into a halt.I was thinking for some time, i thought that we might as well have some fun as long as we are here.So my kind friend offered to hang upside down over the deep blue swimming pool.I lead my giraffes,i ran across the passage as my friend swung me into the pool SWASH! I was in what a feeling it was to have experienced it.It was an opportunity of a lifetime.

    BY Sanaa

  3. I opened the door which stood up tall beside me and slowly walked out.After about 1 second, I realised that I must be the first out of us all.Then I heard the other doors open and my fellow friends joined me.

    Soon,a few of us had come out so I decided to lead them all towards a life-filled with excitement.Our feet click and clacked as we walked sounding like an army of soldiers.So far it seemed that this was going to be an amazing experience.

    After a few seconds of walking, I found this weird thing on the wall so I licked it.IT WAS DISGUSTING! I rejoined the line around about the 5th place.

    Some meters away, I looked towards my side and saw platforms upon platforms.This was going to be a hell of a walk alright.

    This was it!We were finally here! Above the deep swimming pool, there was one of my mates hanging upside down. This was because we were going to fling off his neck and dive.Butterflies filled my tummy as it was my turn.I ran as fast as I could and SPLASH! I had done it.

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