Year 6 Reading Challenge

Based on the video in the link:

Bronze: Write some interesting sentences to show how the monkies are feeling throughout the video

Silver: Write the story from the point of view of the little gorilla

Gold: Write the story from the point of view of the big gorilla and predict what would happen after the video ends

Please do this challenge on paper and hand it in to Miss Sahin

8 thoughts on “Year 6 Reading Challenge

  1. Silver:
    As my friend and I sweeped and cleaned the hall ,I noticed the piano. I loved playing the piano; it was my hidden talent.The piano (which needed dusting) stood in the corner of the room.I polished the piano and started to play it .I was an expert at playing the piano.

    My freind came and disturbed me.I never got to play as long as I could.He started to tell me that I needed to get back to work and that I could have been in trouble.

    Suddenly I got back to work.My boss walked in and started to play the piano.
    He was amazing at playing the piano.

  2. Bronze

    You can see a gifted chimpanzee or monkey 🐒 playing the piano fluently until another (rich) chimpanzee bosses him around.
    He felt very downhearted and showed great confidence by ignoring her

  3. Bronze challenge.
    In the start of the video he felt sad because he was playing piano and then he had to stop because the person who had lessons with him came with a lady who had fired him in his happy life.

  4. at the start of the video there was a monkey playing piano wearing his overalls,he seems to be a cleaner with a hidden talent. as he leaves the stage we see the maestro enter. the two chimps share a look . this look leads to a flahback and we saw these two chimps as young boys having a piano lesson in a parisien apartment with a strict madame.

  5. Bronze challenge.
    At the start we see a talented chimpanzee who can play the piano . He was wearing his overalls . He is like a cleaner with a hidden talent. He leaves the stage and we see the maestro come in. Both of the chimpanzee shared a look.
    One of the boy stick to the rules and played classically.
    But the monkey was playing the piano but another money came to disturb him and the monkey said get back to work right now. The monkey was really upset and he didn’t have a chance to play the piano .

  6. Bronze challenge:
    At the start of the video the monkey was relaxed playing the piano until anther monkey disturbed him and told him to get back to work.
    He was upset,not getting a chance to play the piano as long as he wanted.

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