Year 6 Reading Challenge

When attending the super spell competition, the year 6 pupils were given some tricky anagrams to solve. We thought we would give you the challenge of solving the following anagrams all related to our novel The Memory Cage. Anagrams are words arranged with mixed up letters (for example ATC = CAT)

Solve the following 10 anagrams below in your homework book. The winner of the challenge will be the first child who presents their homework book to Miss Saunders with all the anagrams completed correctly. Good luck!


1. moiesemr

2. rizhmeeals

3. agdrnad

4. ohagtpophr

5. kuidnrk

6. oavgsernte

7. oetsiincocusn

8. tbjoreoc

9. mlaify

10. ectrses


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