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  1. Silver:
    In the text it says that he was in terror which means he was frightened as well as it says that the June grass was as tall as he was these words suggest that it is a metaphor because it describes it as it was tall. The place is described as being full of grass that is really tall and blades tattooed with tiger skins of sunlight.
    By Patycja 6M :) :) :)

  2. The text shows

    a tropic heat oozed up.And she felt terrified because the terror in my life the village began. it towerd above me and all around me each blade tatood whith tiger-skins of sunlight.high overhead lark screaming ,as if the skys were tearing apart.


  3. bronze

    oozed-it means when you slowly trickle or seep out of something.
    tropic-it means typical of,or peculiar to the tropics.
    chirp-it means a sound that a bird makes.
    rank-it means a position in the heirachy of the amed forc

  4. I think the character feels sad because it says i was lost and didn’t no when to move.I think the place is dirty because it says a tropic heat oozed up from the ground,rank with sharp odours of roots and neatels.

  5. The author has made the setting come to alive by using a range of descriptive language including personfaction similes and metaphors. For eaample the grasshoperes that chirped and chattered and leapt through the air like monkeys. This tells you how they flyed and how high they jumped, thats an example of a simile because monkeys are you chatty and they jump really high. The author has also used figrative language.

  6. Gold
    The author has used figurative language especially similes and metaphors to make it come to life.One example of a metaphor is ‘each blade tattooed with tiger-skins of sunlight.’It’s saying that the grass are tattooed with sunlight and the sun is tiger skin which is really not.It creates an image in the readers head.The simile that he writer has used is ‘grasshoppers that chirped and chattered and leapt like monkeys.’The grasshoppers jumped so high the author described them as monkeys.The author compared them as other things and it creates an image in the readers head.
    by hamzah

  7. Giddy – Having a sensation of whirling and a tendency to fall or stager dizzy .
    Bewilderment – The condition of being confused or disoriented .
    Frenzied – Wildly excite for uncontrollable .

    By Raeesa

  8. Bronze

    Frenzied – wildly excited or un controlled.
    Bewilderment – The condition of being confused or disoriented .
    Giddy – Having a sensation of whirling and tendency to fallout or stagger dizzy .

    By Raeesa

  9. The character was board for that place because he was there since 3 years old
    I have done it on the blog

    i done the bronze challenge

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