Year 6 Red – English Descriptive writing 04.05.20

Continuing from the work last Monday and Tuesday, we are going to develop our descriptive writing skills. We will be using the following fighting/war scenes from Avengers: Endgame to write a setting description. Use your work from last week to help you as some of the language can be adapted.

Take a Look at the 'Avengers: Endgame' Deleted Final Scene | The ...

Activity 1 – Create descriptive phrases for the above fighting scenes. You can use the below examples and create your own phrases:

  1. Our harnesses were chinking and dinging under the boiling sky.
  2. Our swords were clinking and clashing under the churning sky.
  3. Our chain armour was jingling and tinkling under the turbulent, cellar-black sky.
  4. Our axes were clattering and clanking into their wooden shields under the roiling, doom-laden sky.
  5. Our weapons were clanging and clangorous under the seething, spite-filled sky.

Here are some other examples to describe the senses and the setting during the battle:

1 The sky was profane-black. (Creating atmosphere)

2 Our cold hands gripped our cold, steel swords. (Repetition)

3 The wind whipped at our faces. (Alliteration)

4 We looked at the sea of monsters that surrounded us. (Metaphor)

5 Their spears glinted wickedly. We were afraid. (Using a personal response)

6 Their feet stamped as they roared up at us. (Onomatopoeia)

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  1. 1) In the destroyed battle field a long silence occured as iron man stood in shock.
    2) The two armies came charging at each other with fury in there eyes.
    3) The weapons dropped on the muddy, soggy ground.

  2. 1) The sweat trickled formed between his veins as walked across the destruction.
    2) His body amour was scratch and was torn in certain parts.
    3) You could smell the grey smoke circulating around.

  3. 1.In the battle field the sky was pitch black and gloomy with grey skies (atmosphere).
    2.In the picture above the building were wrecked down to the floors.
    3.Our cold hands touched the heated swords underneath the scorching fire.
    4.The cold wind whistled upon our faces.
    5.Their feet crashed on the ground as they roared at us.
    6.The swords crashed upon the battle field making echos across the area.




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  4. 1. As they walked in to battle they where concerned if they were going to win or not.
    2. As they were charging to their enemies the wind whistled in their ear.
    3. The swords clanging against the rustled metal around them.

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  5. 1. They rushed into us like The Flash, dealing us agony.
    2. The sky was profane-black.
    3. We walked into all the trash and rubble that was burning up in front of us.

  6. 1) The swords were clinking and clashing besides the jagged, interminable mountains.
    2) The fearless, colossal army were ready to crush on the powerless, fragile enemies.
    3) It was inconceivable that they have lost to such a meager, anemic army.

  7. 1. The swords were clinking and clashing beside the mountain of rubble.
    2. The resolute warrior stood above the pile of rubble like determined fighter.
    3. The dangling of the harnesses were deafening under the churning sky.

  8. 1.Running like a leaping wave, the valiant heroes rushed onto the battlefield oblivious of the fact the land was deserted.
    2.Iron man charged bravely towards Thanos.
    3.The wind howled like never before.

  9. 1.) The rushed to battle to face the enemies who were hungry for blood.
    2.) We fought across plains of barren, charred hills and barren earth.
    3.) We fought foes valiantly.
    4.) A sea of red crimson blood travelled along the desolate esaarth.
    5.) The Chitauri showed a menacing glint in their eyes. We were prepared.
    6.) They charged at us and chanted, some were startled.

  10. 1.They rushed into the battlefield as fast as flash.
    2. He walked slowly beside the mountains of rubble.
    3. They walked next to all the rubble burning down in front of them.

  11. 1) The gnarled earth beneath me was camouflaged in quantities of rouble.
    2) Like a pack of wolves we charged towards the opposition with our heads high and with our swords ready to fight.
    3) The wind whistled in our ears.

    • Nice ideas, Safa.

      Could you further develop these by using some of the ideas below:
      The sky was carrion-black.
      Poppy-red blood drizzled from our wounds.
      The trolls were clunking axes and crashing war hammers against our shields.
      Arrows were zipping and hissing through the air.
      Some of our men were sobbing and snivelling with fear.

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