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Year 6 Skydome visit

Year 6 had an exciting opportunity to watch the Coventry Blaze hockey team in action today. Below is a video showcasing our learning.

Challenge questions:
The stadium had no windows- why might this be?
What is the temperature in the Skydome? (How do they keep it so cool in the stadium?)
Why doesn’t the ice melt? 
How fast do you think the players move on the ice?
What do you think the thickness of the ice was? (Maybe research and find out.)
What is the name of “ball” they use?
How many players in a team? 
How many calories does a player use in a match? 
What is the diet of an ice hockey player? 
What’s the average earnings of an ice hockey player? 
What kit do they wear? 
What is the area and perimeter of an ice hockey pitch? 
How long does a match last? 
How is ice hockey different from field hockey? 

Extended Task: Complete one of the following;
What is the history of ice hockey?
Explain the rules of the game?
Research a famous ice hockey player.

10 thoughts on “Year 6 Skydome visit

  1. The stadium had no windows so that the sunlight wouldn’t travel through and melt the ice down. I think they keep it cool in the stadium by having a lot of air conditioning vents and fans to keep the ice frozen.
    Like I said previously the ice does not melt due to no windows and many fans and air conditioner vents.
    I think that the players go at a speed of at least 5 miles per hour because of their smooth turns and their aerodynamic blades gliding through the ice.
    I think that the thickness of the is about 2 to 3 meters so that it doesn’t snap easily beneath the players’ pressure and weight.
    The name of the “ball” that they use is called a puck.
    I didn’t notice how many players were in a team but I am pretty sure that it could have been 7 to 15 players in one team.
    By the looks of how much exercise the players do in their training, I assume that they would burn around 900 to 1200 calories.
    An ice hockey player would need to eat a lot of meats and protein to keep their body going but also small amounts of chocolate to ensure that they have at least a bit of fat to protect their bodies.”. Something like this is called a balanced diet.
    The players wore thick knee pads and the people who stood in the goals had their whole legs protected with thick layers of padding to avoid any injuries during the game.

  2. 1) I think the don’t like people who don’t like ice hokey to be seen falling on the floor.
    2)it is really cold that I need 2 jumpers on me. And I think that the ice doesn’t melt because is thick.
    3) The first time it looked really dangerous but when the teacher told me they had something on their scathing shoes then I thought it was safe for them to scat faster.

  3. I think it had no windows because they have to keep it could inside the stadium.I think it might have been 2 to 6 degrees in there. I think it doesn’t melt because it doesn’t get hot in there. The thickness of the ice in my opinion was about 5 to 8 centimetres. The name of the “ball” they used is a puck. I think there are 12 players in a team.

  4. 1)The stadium did not have any windows because on a hot day, the temperature would be high and so all the ice would melt away.
    2)Indoor skating rinks almost always use cold concrete to make the ice. When the rink is built, miles of metal pipes are laid inside a concrete slab. A large refrigeration plant produces an ice-cold substance that runs through these pipes. The entire slab of concrete that makes up the arena floor drops below freezing. Then, thin layers of water are poured on the concrete and allowed to freeze. The average temperature in the ice rink would be -5 degree Celsius.
    3)Ice hockey players can reach speeds of 20 miles (32 km) per hour on the ice!
    4) The ice was 1 inch long(2.54 cm).
    5) The name of the ball they used is the puck.
    6)Ice hockey is played with six players on the ice for each team; five skaters and one goaltender.

  5. I think they don’t have any windows because if it was a really hot temperature outside the ice will melt.
    The ice doesn’t melt because they keep it to a cold temperature.
    I think the players move fast on ice because they were shoes with ice at the bottom I think they’re roller skaters.
    The thickness of the ice was 16 degrees.
    It’s called a puck.

  6. The stadium has no windows because if it had window and the outside was hot the ice will melt.It is 8 degrees .It stays cold because they turn off the heater and then put on the cooler.The name of the ball is puk. There are 5 players and goalkeeper on at once then there are 5 resting so there are 16.The mach lasts for 2 minutes.

  7. Challenge questions:
    1:I don’t think they have windows because maybe they have to keep a certain temperature in inside.2:The temperature is probably around -3 to -6 degrees.3:
    I think the ice doesn’t melt because it’s some how been frozen under neath.4:I think they travel 10 meters pure minute.5:I think the thickness of a he ice was 3 to 5 cm.

    6:The “ball” is called a puck.7:There are 6 players in one team.8: It is depending on their body weight.For example if there125 lbs can expect to burn approximately 475 calories after playing hockey for one hour, while a person weighing 190 can expect a burn of about 700 calories per hour.9: They can eat
    Peanut butter on beagles
    Cereal bars
    And money more.
    10:The average England Hockey salary ranges from approximately £17,972 per year for Administrator to £48,908 per year for Director of Business Development.

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