Hello Year 6! During the Summer Term you have looked at Art in different religions. You have discussed your favourite colours and discovered that they have significance in the Christian Calendar. You have looked at images and icons in stained glass windows and discussed paintings of Jesus’ life. You also considered the patterns used in Islamic art and designed a prayer mat or Mehndi pattern.     Now can you answer these questions? What have you found out about art in religion? What is the purpose of stained glass windows? What has been your favourite activity and why? Do you use ICT in your SMSC lessons? What else would you like to find out about Art in religion? Are there any trips that you would like to go on related to the Topic?

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  1. Elyass D.

    Art in religion is used to symbolise the specific religion’s beliefs.The purpose of stained glass windows are often to tell a story or have a setting on it. My favourite activity was designing our own stained glass windows because i had got to design a pheonix. I do not use ICT in my lessons as it would just distract me from the task at hand. I would also like to find out what is the actual purpose of stained glass windows. And I would like to go on a trip to a religious place of worship e.g mosques 🕌, churches ⛪, temples and more.

  2. Shahjahan K.

    I ilke is it

  3. Hamdia D.

    I have found out that different religions have different arts.Stained glass windows are used to make the church more brighter.I have liked it when we could create our own Islamic art.Ifound this fun because I could try and draw somethings from my religion.I would like to go on a trip to a mosque to see if there are any other Islamic arts.

  4. Mrs Chapman

    It sounds like you have all enjoyed SMSC this term, particularly the practical aspects. You are all very knowledgeable and answered the questions in lots of detail. Well done and thank you for your help Year 6.

  5. Ibrahim R.

    What found out in art in religion is stained in church represents stories from the Bible.The purpose of stained glass in a church is represent a story from the Bible.

  6. Chahaldeep G.

    Most art religion has very vibrant colours and the purpose of the coloured windows is that it shows peace to all religions etc. My favourite lesson has been doing physical activities like colouring and making.

  7. Khadijat A.

    I know that around mosques 🕌 there are lots of patterns around it. In churches there are stained glass windows that tells stories from the bible.

    Stained glass windows are to tell stories from the bible.

  8. Alisha R.

    I found out that art in religions like Christianity an Islam are quite significant in day to day life as they hang it up in houses and their religious places like mosques.

    Stain glass windows are use to tell the news or a story of Jesus to the Christians.

    My favourite part of the activities designing a pattern in Islam.

    We used iPads to research different subject in our lessons.

    Alisha and Rudaba.

  9. Adnan B.

    Art anywhere has some type of meaning.
    Stained class tells a story.
    We drew Islamic drawings.
    I would like to go to a mosque with school

  10. Nidhi P.

    I have that art in religion is significant in religions like Christianity the stained glass windows tell the story of Jesus.

  11. Umayr K.

    It has a meaning.it propose is to tell a story.Drawing a Islam art.We do use ICT.Why they use art.Yes to see stain glass

  12. Fatima S.

    We have found out that there are a lot of places where art in religions are found like on prayer 🙏 mats and on front of religious book covers and ecspecially in places like churches and Indian temple and mousses and other prayer places.The purpos of stained glass window is to tell the story of the past gods that survived or died their was out of a horrific danger.Our favourite topic was when we were learning about stained glass windows and that’s because we got to learn about a story as well and it was quite emotional of how the little boy died climbing a mountain.Yes we do use ICT on iPad bc we sometime sod research and w answer various blogs.
    In art and religion I would like to find out if people without a religion have a special art just for them self. Also I want to explore Buddhist art and how they implement it with their religion.
    Well,really I would love to go to mousses and churches or shops that sell religious things like prayer mats and other praye books like the qur Ann and the Torah and the bible and books that tell history of the past noble 8mportant ppl like in Islam there are phrophets stories and in Christianity there is a Jesus story and in Jewish religion there is a story of the agree,ent with the Muslims and stuff

    The End!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Ruqayyah and Fatima

  13. Moman L.

    All art in religion normally shows some kind of meaning. And the purpose of stain glass windows is that it shows a story which has a meaning. My favourite activity was to draw because then you get to see what the outcome is when you finish your drawing. Yes we use ITC because we use the iPads in class. My question is that does every religion focus on art to portray meaning. By Moman

  14. Layla-Jayne E.

    Yes I can answer these questions .

    I have found out in more detail what shapes they use in Islamic art.The purpose of Stained Glass windows is to tell a detailed or sad story and to remember the significance of that.My favourite activity was when we designed the stained glass windows – Layla. My favourite activity was when we designed and looked at the Islamic art.- Hafsah.We do use ICT in our SMSC lessons for we need the information from the iPad.🖥🖥💻💻⌨️⌨️We would like to find out more about patterns on clothes and the meanings of it.We would like to go to the Coventry Cathedral church as well as the Mosque near the garage and maybe the Mosque on Layla’s street – George Street.🕍🕍🕌🕌⛪️⛪️

  15. Priya M.

    I have found out that every piece of art has a meaning to it and every religion has different designs to it. The purpose of stained glass windows are that they tell a story to it and it it can symbolise something. My favourite activity has been when we created our stained glass window because it was really fun . Yes we do use ITC. I want to find out how people do different mendhi patterns .

  16. Maleeha M.

    I found out that art can show different things and just not beauty it should be interpreted well cause it can show a religious thing i.e Christianity believes.The purpose of stained glass windows in a church Is to show something in a narrative or symbolism. Rayan and I did not have a fav activity.

    Could we go to a mosque and see some Islamic art 🕌🕋

  17. Abdullah S.

    Art in religion normally has a meaning . The purpose of stained glass windows is to tell a story . Drawing a peace of art because it had meaning . When we go on the blog .

  18. Demi-Lea D.

    In art religion,there is more detailed patterns that easy also they mostly include flowers love hearts and swirls.the purpose of stained glass windows is that they bring brightness and happiness into a mosque.my favourite activity is when we did our own design on a stained glass window(25.06.18) this was my favourite activity because we got to use a variety of colours.yes we do use ICT in smsc lessons to get ideas from examples.why they use swirls,love hearts and flowers.I would want to go to a mosque to see stained glass windows and to see prayer mats

  19. Tameem A.

    Art in religion can be different and can vary. Stain glass windows are to show the life of Jesus and to symbolise peace. My favourite activity was to create Islamic patterns.yes we use the iPads.were did religious art first start.i would like to go to a mosque

  20. Safa M.

    Art in different religions symbolise different things and stories. Stained glass windows show Jesus teachings and in the olden times people couldn’t read so they would look at the windows. I have liked designing a stained glass window. We do use ICT in lessons because we research about religions. Why some of the arts in religions are similar but have different stories behind them.
    I do not have any suggestions for where to go?

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