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  1. A is for ah the first letter of the alphabet
    B is for bay have a very nice day
    C is for thay th.. tha..THAY
    Ch is for chay the 4th letter of the Spanish Alphabet!
    D is for day hey don’t feel grey!
    E is for aay the fifth letter of the Spanish alphabet!
    F is for effay can you say.. effay effay EFFAY!
    G is for hay is your birthday in May?
    H is for achay doesn’t it rhyme with chay?
    I is for ee make sure you have a key
    J is for hotah.. Hotah….HOTah….. HOTAH!!
    K is kah I love the letter kah!
    This is all for now!


  2. Ah bay thay chay this is what Spanish people say.
    Day aay effay hay also what Spanish people say.
    Achay ee Hoya kah say it wrong I’ll go haha.
    Ellay ay-yay emmay ennay come to me ill say hey.
    Enyay oh pay coo I do not talk I only do.
    Arriar essay Tay ohh look at this and review.
    Oohva oovadoblay ekiss eegreeayaygah thetah if you want to learn get a letter.

  3. El aflabeto espanol

    ah ah ah,bay bay bay,thay thay thay, The Spanish Alphabet!
    chay chay chay,day day day,aay aay aay, This is how we say!
    effay effay effay,hay hay hay,achay achay achay, This is a easy yay!
    ee ee ee,hotah hotah hotah,kah kah kah,This is great yeah!
    ellay ellay ellay,ay-yay ay-yay au-yay,emmy emmy emmy, This make you happy!
    ennay ennay ennay,enyay enyay enyay,oh oh oh, This will make you glow!
    pay pay pay,coo coo coo,airray airray airray,You will be great!
    essay essay essay,tay tay tay,ooh ooh ohh,You will be good!
    oohvay oohvay oohvay, oohvay,oovhay-doblay oohvay-doblay,You will slay!
    ekiss ekiss ekiss,ee-gree-ay-gah ee-gree-ay-gah ee-gree-ay-gah,you are great!
    thaytah thaytah thaytah, THE SPANISH ALPHABET!

  4. Ah bay thay chay
    This is how we say A B C CH
    Day aay effey hay
    This is the alphabet D E F G
    achay ee Hotah Kah
    These are the letters of the alphabet H I J K
    Ellay ay-yay emmay ennay
    This is what we say! L LL M N
    enyay oh pay coo
    We always say! Ñ O P Q
    airray essey tay ooh
    The Spanish alphabet! R S T U
    oohvay oohvay -doblay ekiss ee-gree-ay-gah
    How do we say?! V W X Y
    thagtah !
    And we are at the end ! Z!

  5. A for ah ah ah ah, ah for apple apple apple apple
    B for bay bay bay bay,bay for banana banana banana banana
    C for thay thay thay thay,thay for cat cat cat cat .
    Ch for chay chay chay chay,chay for chap chap chap chap

  6. Ah is for La manzana! (Apple) 🍎
    Bay is for La pelota! (Ball) ⚽️
    Thay is for El gato! (Cat) 🐈
    Chay is for La opción! (Choice) 🤔
    Day is for El Perro! (Dog) 🐕
    Aay is for El huevo! (Egg) 🥚
    Effay is for El pez! (Fish) 🐠
    Hay is for La niña! (Girl) 👩
    Achay is for El caballo! (Horse) 🐴
    Ee is for El iglú! (Igloo) 🌫
    Hotah is for El jogging! (Jogging) 🏃‍♀️
    Kah is for El bromear (Kid) 🧒
    Ellay is for Mirar! (Look) 👀
    Emmay is for La luna! (Moon) 🌑

  7. Ah ah is for A

    Bay bay is for B can you see

    They thay is for C

    Chay chay is for ch

    Day day is for D

    Aay aay is for E

    Effay effay is for F

    Hay hay is for G

    Achay achay is for H

    EE ee is for I

    Hotah hotah is for J

    Kah kah is for K

    Ella’s ellay is for l

    Ay-yay is vor ll

    Emmay emmay is for m

    Ennay is for n

    Enyay is for ñ

  8. This is a Spanish rap
    ABC this is the Spanish alphabet
    AH Ah Ah
    This is how it goes
    Ah Ah Ah bay bay bay chay chay chay
    This is how we say Abc
    Chay chay chay yeah that’s a cool word
    Day day day it’s Monday
    Eay eay eay that means EE let’s go
    Effay effay effay smell those flowers mmmmmmm
    Hay hay hay barn the vegetables
    achay achay achay this is what you say when you sneeze
    EE ee ee ee this is the alphabet
    hotah hotah hotah now what do you say
    Kah kah kah hey what do you want
    Ellay elllay that’s in America
    ay yay are you happy are you happy
    Emmay Emmay Emmay emmmay let’s dance
    Ennay ennay do you want any more of course
    Enyay Enyay oh oh oh are you lonely
    Pay pay you must pay your money
    Coo coo coo a chicken sometimes says this
    Aairray airray This is what you breathe with
    Essay esssay you do this in secondary school
    By Ahmad 6 white

  9. A is ah,ah ah ah b is bay,bay,bay,bay c is thay,thay,thay,thay ch is chay,chay,chay,chay,
    This is the way way way, to say the Spanish alphabet!
    Ch is chay chay chay chay
    D is for day day day day
    You should say it this way yay!
    E is for aay aay aay aay
    F is for effay effay effay effay
    G is for hay hay hay hay hay
    H is for Achay achay achay
    I is for EE EE EE EE
    Can you see
    J is for hotah hotah hotah
    K is for kah kah kah kah
    L is for elllay ellay elllay
    Come along and play

  10. A is for ah (aaaaa : Apple )
    B is for bay (bbbbb : banana )
    C is for thay (ccccc: car)
    Ch is for Chay (chchchch : chocolate )
    D is for day (ddddd: dad)
    E is for aay ( eeeee: evening )
    F is for effay (fffffff: flower )
    G is for hay ( hhhhh: house )
    H is for achay ( hhhhh: hamster)
    I is for ee ( iiiii: igloo )
    J is for hotah ( jjjjj: jelly)
    K is for kah ( kkkkk: kitten )
    L is for ellay (lllll: lollipop)
    Ll is for ay-yay (llllllll)
    M is for emmay ( mmmmm : mouse )
    N is for ennay (nnnnn : no)
    Ñ is for enyay ( ñññññ)
    O is for oh (ooooo: octopus)
    P is for pay (pppppp: pony )
    Q is for coo (qqqqq: queen )
    R is for airray ( rrrrrr: rat )
    S is for essay (sssss : swimming )
    T is for Tay ( ttttt :tower)
    U is for ooh (uuuuu: umbrella)
    V is for oohvay (vvvvv: video)
    W is for oohvay Dolby ( wwwww: window )
    X us for ekiss ( xxxxx: X-ray )
    Y is for eegreeaygah ( yyyyy : yo yo )
    Z is for thayta ( zzzzz: zebra )

    This is a Spanish sing

  11. Ah(ah) is for apple (A A A)
    Bay(bay) is for my birthday!(B B B)
    Thay(thay) is for car(C C C)
    Day(day)is for a perfect day(D D D)
    amo tu español !!
    Hey! Hey! Hey! 🇪🇸
    Effay effay effay
    cantando el alfabeto español

  12. Ah,Ah,ah is for A.🍎
    Spanish alphabet
    Thay 🍪
    Chay 💒
    Spanish alphabet
    Aay is for e🐘
    Spanish alphabet
    Effay 🐸
    Spanish alphabet
    ee is for I 💉
    Spanish alphabet
    Hotah 🏃‍♀️
    Ellay 🍭
    Spanish alphabet
    Ay-yay is for ll ⭕️
    Spanish alphabet
    Ennay 🌑
    Spanish alphabet
    Oh is for o🧡
    Spanish alphabet
    Spanish alphabet
    Essay is for s
    Spanish alphabet
    Spanish alphabet
    Oohvay doblay is for w
    Spanish alphabet
    Spanish alphabet

  13. Hola! These are the letters of Spain!
    It stars with a chain A is ay it rhymes with hey say It to your mate and don’t be late
    The next letter is B is bay it rhymes with day look at the sun and have a bun
    Moving on the letter after is C is thay it rhymes with pay you better make sure you are
    The next letter is D is for day where the sun is out

  14. Ah,ah,ah
    This is how you say
    This is how we play hey
    This is how we say
    This is what we say
    This is what we do
    What do you do

  15. Ah Bay thay every time you go to Spain
    Chay day aay this is how you say
    Effay hay achay when you learn the alphabet you say hooray
    Ee Hotah kah boom I come and say k is for kah
    Ellay ay-yay emmay my birthday is on May
    Ennay oh pay I always have to say
    Airray essay Tay today is a great day

  16. songs.

    A IS AH B IS BAY SO COME ALONG AND RAP WITH ME C THAY AND CHAY IS CH YEAH D IS DAY AND E AAY COME AND GET THE BEAT GOING 🔊 f is effay g is hay so come and sing along h is achay 🎶 i is for EE and hotah is j Kah is k Ellay is l and ll is ay yay

  17. Ah,Bay,thay,chay
    That’s how we say.
    That what we say.
    Do you hear me.
    How do you feel? Yay!
    Come and say with me okay?
    It’s always fun.
    oohvay,oohvay dooblay,ekiss,ee gree ay-gah
    The last one is thaytay …yay !

  18. A bay day chay that’s how you say it
    Aay efface hay achay ee Hotha that’s how you do it
    That’s how you do;e it have you learnent everything.

  19. El rap de alfabeto:
    Ah bay thay
    day aay effey
    Hey!!!This is how we say the ABC,DEF.
    Hay Achay ee
    Hey!!!These are the letters for GHI.
    This is how we say JKL.
    Así es como decimos algunas de las palabras en el alfabeto.
    Ay-Yay!Emmay Ennay
    Can you see,they both end with ay
    These are the letters of LL M N
    Enyay Oh Pay
    This is how we say the letters ÑOP!!
    Coo airray essay
    This is how you also say,QRS!!!
    Tay ooh oohvay
    Can you see,these 3 stand for TUV!!!
    Oohvaydoblay ekiss ee-gree-ay-gah thayta
    This is how we say WXY and Z!!!
    Ese es el fin del alfabeto.
    Hey,that’s the alphabet finished!!!
    Do you see
    You and me
    Have learnt the Spanish alphabet perfectly.

  20. This is how you say a ah,this is how you say b bay,this is how you say ch chay.You gotta pay p is for pay.This is Spanish not danish.You gotta do a essay s is for essay.

  21. A is for ah.B is for bay.C is for thay.D is for day.
    Let’s learn to say…
    E is for aay.F is for effay.G is for hay.H is for achay.
    This is the way…
    I is for ee.J is for hotah.K is for kah.L is for ellay.
    It’s the month of May,
    M is for emmay.N is for ennay.O is for oh.P is for pay.
    What a lovely day!
    Q is for coo.R is for Airray.S is for essay.T is for Tay .
    What do you say?
    U is for ooh.V is for oohvay.W is for oohvay doblay.X is for ekiss.
    This is the list…
    Y is for ee-gree-ay-gah.Z is for thaytah
    This is the list – a …
    The Spanish alphabet!

  22. What do you think? Chant time for the ABC? Let’s go.
    Ah, Bay, Thay, Chay Chay Chay!
    Day, Aay, Effay, Hay Hay Hay!
    Achay, Ee, Hota, Kah, Kah, Kah!
    Ellay, Ay-yay, Emmay, Ennay, Ennay, Ennay!
    (Spanish theme starts playing.Pauses in Between.)
    Enyay, Oh, Pay, Coo, Coo, Coo!
    Airray, Essay, Tay, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh!
    Oohvay, Oohvay Doble, Ekiss, Eegreeaygah!
    Thaytah and done!
    Yay, Have you learnt the ABC in Spanish? Well done for trying! Bye Bye👋👋!

  23. This is the Spanish alphabet
    You need to learn them in a set
    Practise is key
    For you and me
    A is for ah
    B is for bay
    C is for thay
    Ch is for chay, hey, hey, what do you say?
    D is for day
    E is for aay
    F is Effay
    G is for hay, hey, hey, what do you say?
    H is for achey
    I is for EE
    J is for hotah
    K is for Kah
    L is ellay, hey, hey, what do you say?
    LL is for ayyay
    M is for emmay
    N is for ennay
    Ñ is for enyay, hey, hey, what do you say?
    O is for oh
    P is for pay
    Q is for coo
    R is for array
    S is for essay, hey, hey, what do you say?
    T is for tay
    U is for ooh
    V is for Oohvay
    W is for Oohvay dooblay, hey, hey, what do you say?
    Y is for eegreaygah
    Z is for thayah
    Now is your turn
    I believe you have learnt
    The Spanish alphabet!

  24. Chant: Ah Bay Thay Chay this is what we say,
    In our country Spain , every day
    Ah is for ajo which is garlic
    Bay is for bistec which means steak 🥩
    Thay is for cafe which is coffee ☕️
    And chay is a sound for ch ch ch!
    Day, Aay, effay, hay, achay, ee, hotah, kah
    Our alphabet, fresh from Spain 🇪🇸
    Day is for deportivo which is the word for sports⚽️
    Aay is for emocionate so Exciting🤩
    Effay if known as frambuesa (hey) for raspberries, everyday!
    Hay is for hielo, which is cool as ice
    And achay is hamburguesa, and I think you what I’m trying to say🍔
    Ee is for inyeccion ouch an injection 💉
    Next hotah Judia for bean
    And kah is k for karate 🥋
    Next up Ellay ay-yay emmay ennay and enyay
    I think emmay, means we’re halfway
    Ellay is llama, not llama it’s flames 🔥
    Ay-yay is a sound for ll yay 😁
    Emmay is manzana yum crunchy apple 🍎
    Ennay is N, nave for ship 🚢
    And enyay is a sound (ñ) hip hip horray!

  25. A A A A A is for ah apple
    B B B B B is for bay banana
    C C C C C is for thay cow
    This is the Spanish alphabet
    Ch Ch Ch Ch Ch is for chay chair
    D D D D D is for day day
    Yeah yeah yeah
    E E E E E is for aay elaphant
    F F F F F is for the fish
    G G G G G hay do you think it is for the goat
    We know all our alphabets
    H H H H H achay is for our imagenery horse
    I I I I I ee is for I I like ice cream
    J J J J J hotah do you think it is for Jelly
    K K K K K kah is for let me guess kangaroo
    L L L L L ellay is for light
    II II II II II ay yay
    M M M M M emmay it’s for monkey right
    N N N N N ennay
    We do Spanish every day
    N~ enyay
    O oh
    P pay
    Q coo
    R airray
    Let’s roll on

  26. a is ah b is bay c is thay ch is chay d is day e is aay f is effay g is hay h is achay i is ee j is hotah k is kah l is ellay ll is ay-yay m is emmay n is ennay ñ is enyay o is oh p is pay q is coo r is airray s is essay t is tay u is ooh v is oohvay w is oohvay doblay x is ekiss y is ee gree ay gah z is thaytah

  27. A is for ah which is for apple 🍎
    B is for bay which is for beach 🏖
    C is for thay which is for cat 🐈
    Ch is for chay which is for chicken 🐓
    D is for day
    E is for aay which is for England 🇬🇧
    F is for affair which is for fairy’s 🧚‍♀️
    G is for hay which is for gams
    H is for a hay which is for hat 🎩
    I is for ee
    J is for hotah
    K is for kah
    L is for ellay
    ll is for ay-yay
    M is for Emmay which is for music 🎶
    N is for enyay which is for NASA 🌏🚀
    O is for oh which is for oranges🍊
    P is for pay which is for pear 🍐
    Q is for coo
    R is for airray
    S is for essay is for sports ⚽️
    T is for Tay which is for time 🕑
    U is for ooh
    V is for oohvay
    W is for oohvay doblay
    X is for ekiss
    Y is for ee-gree-ay-gah
    Z is for thaytah
    Y ese es el alfabeto espanol

  28. A is ah b is bay c is thay ch is chay d is day e is away f is effay g is hay h is a achay i is ee j is hotah k is kah l is Ellay ll is ay-yay m is Emmay n is ennay o is oh p is pay Q is coo r is airray s is essay t is tay u is ooh v is oohvay w is oohvay doblay x is ekiss y is ee gree ay gah z is thaytah.A is apple B is banana C is camel D is dog E is elephant F is friend G is growling bear H is horse .

  29. Ah ,ah ,adios
    Bah ,Bay ,banana
    Chay, Chay ,change
    Day, day ,data
    aay aay , apple
    Effay,effay, food
    Hay, Hay, my name esa
    Achay, achay, hay
    Iee,iee, l don’t like pizza
    Hotah,hotah l like jam
    Kay ,Kay l don’t like kicking
    ellay, ellay l don’t like playing
    emmay, emmay, we like staying
    ennay, ennay , we started to say yeah
    By Esa

  30. A is for ah. B is for bay.C is thay. Say hooray! Ch is chay. D is for day. E is for aay. F is for effay. Today we are learning about the alphabet. G is for hay. H is for achay.I is for ee. I can see a tree. J is hotah. K is for kah. L is ellay. LL is for ag-yay. M is for emmay. N is ennay. Ñ is enyay. O is for oh. Whoa we have learned so much! P is pay. Q is coo. I’m feeling blue. R is for airay. S is for essay. T is tay. U is ooh. V is oohvay. W is for oohvay doblay. X is for exiss. Ee-greedy-gah,thaytah. That’s how you say Y and Z. That’s the spanish alphabet!

  31. Ah Spanish for for a
    bay Spanish for b
    Thay Spanish for c
    day Spanish for d
    Ayy Spanish for e
    effay Spanish for f
    Hay spanish for g
    Achay Spanish for h
    ee Spanish for i
    hotah Spanish for j
    Kah Spanish for K
    Ellay Spanish for L
    -emmay Spanish for m
    -ennay Spanish for n
    -oh Spanish for O
    -pay Spanish for P
    -coo Spanish for Q
    -airray Spanish for r
    -essay Spanish for s
    -tay Spanish for T
    -ooh Spanish for u
    -oohvay Spanish for v
    -oohvay-doblay Spanish for w
    -ekiss Spanish for x
    -ee-gree-at-gah Spanish for y
    -thayta Spanish for z

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