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  2. I have learnt how to say I am hungry and thirsty(tango sed and hombre) in Spanish also lots of food and drinks in Spanish such as el pastel,la hamburguesa and le cafè.

    If I have a holiday to Spain I will need ask them what I want.

  3. What have you learnt this half term?I have learnt some food and drink and when I am hungry and thirsty in Spanish for example : Bocadilo which is a baguette ,helados which is ice cream,lemonida which is a drink.

  4. What have you learnt this half term?
    I have learnt about Spanish food and drink these are some examples;Drinks:Agua,Naranja,limonade. Foods:pastel, pan ,chocolate.And we have learnt what I am thirsty and I am hungry means in Spanish – tengo hambre and tengo sed.
    How will this support you in real life?
    This will support me in real life by talking to other people in Spanish (about food and drink.)If I ever went to Spain I could talk to people in Spanish about food and drink.I will not be able to talk their accent though but I can speak Spanish.

  5. What have you learnt this hard term?
    This half term I have learnt a lot about Spanish food,water,deserts,sandwiches,benidas,helados,and bocadillos also there are a lot of food in Spain and now we have food from Spain to eat e.g. here some people are having a conversation in a restaurant or should I say restaurante.
    Spanish translation

    Que Quiresel pastel

    English translation

    What would you like
    I would like Cake
    How will this support you in real life?

    This will support me by if I got to Spain on a holiday I can communicate to the Spanish people .

    Can you research some Spanish recipes ,foods?
    There are Bocadillos,Sandwich,Bebidas,and also Helados.

  6. This half term I learnt about the different types off Spanish food for example la manzanita is apple,naranza is orange,me Gusta is I like and no me Gusta is I don’t like.This will support me in my real life if I go Spain and I can speak Spanish and have a conversation and when I want to eat from out I know how to say what I want for example hola me llamo Miral is hi my name is Miral.To make a Spanish omelet you will need 500g of fresh potato,one onion,150ml of olive oil,3tbsp chopped flat leaf parsley and six eggs.First you scrape 500g new potatoes or leave the skins on,if you prefer.cut them into thick slices and chop one onion.Secondly,you heat 150ml extra-virgin olive oil in a large frying pan,add the potatoes and onion and stew gently, partially covered,for30 minutieus stiring occasionly until the potatoes aresoften.Thirdly,you crack six eggs sepreatly then stir into the potatoes with three tbsp chopped flat leaf parsley and plenty of salt and pepper heat a little of the strained oil in a smaller pan.Finally you invert twice more cooking the omelet briefly each time and pressing the edges to keep the cushion shape slide on to a plate and cool for ten minutes before serving.

  7. What have you learn this half terms?
    I learn Spanish food or drink such as :

    Hola, me llamo Ilhan ( Spanish)
    Hello my name is Ilhan ( English)

    Sopa de Tomate (Spanish)
    Tomato Soup ( English)

    Helados ( Spanish)
    Ice cream (English)

    How will this support you in real life?
    It will help me by learning them hard so , I can remember the words I have worked on so it help me when will I leave this school.

    Can you research some Spanish recipes/foods and add to this blog as well?
    Whilst the Spanish are keen on spices , they’re not so hot for spicy food.
    Pulpo a la Gallega

  8. 1) we have learnt how to ask for food and here are examples of the foods:Orange which is Narancha and Apple which is Manthana.

    2)when we go to Spain and it will support me to speak and buy some food speak to people and make friends with them.

    .Spanish omelette

  9. 1) We have learnt about foods and some of them are *El manzana- Apple
    Naranja-orange el pan-Bread.
    2)This will support me in real life because when I got to Spain we can use these words if we are struggling to speak Spanish. So Spanish people can understand what you are saying if you say it in short letter words like manzana they know you are saying apple.
    3)Some Spanish recipes and foods are *Patatas bravas which is a Spanish food
    That is not a lot of spice some recipes are combine some 2 cups of olive oil and 3 teaspoons until the potatoes are soft.
    *paella which is another food that looks a bit like rice this is a famous Spanish dish it was in Spain since the 19th century the key ingredients are chicken and rabbit a bit like seafood versions.
    *Gazpacho-This is what you drink on a hot day because it is nice and cold this is a Spanish dish that makes you cool down from the heat of the sun the key ingredients are: cucumber,garlic,onion,pepper,and tomato with olive oil,salt water

    • 1)We have learnt about variety of different foods and drinks like how to say I don’t want which is no me gusta and I want me gusta.Some of the drinks that they drink in Spain is una limonada which is lemonade and cafe which is coffee I enjoyed learning about this because we had learnt some of the things they say in Spain and some foods are la hamburguese which is hamburger and in bocadillo de quest which is cheese sandwich.

  10. This half term I learned how to speak in Spanish, and say different types of foods also we made a menu on a caffe or a restaurant.
    I think it will help me in real life because if you go on holiday then if someone asks you a question in Spanish you will know.
    Some Spanish recipes are “Churros with a chocolate dipping sauce”
    50g butter
    , melted
    ½ tsp vanilla extract
    250g plain flour, from a new bag
    1 tsp baking powder
    about 1 litre sunflower oil
    a few chunks of bread
    For the sauce
    200g dark chocolate
    , not too bitter, broken into chunks
    100ml double cream
    100ml whole milk
    3 tbsp golden syrup
    ½ tsp vanilla extract, if you have some
    For the cinnamon sugar
    100g caster sugar
    2 tsp cinnamon.
    And there is a recipe for making them and they only take a hour to make and all of this make 20 Churros.
    Some Spanish foods are…
    Tortilla Espanola
    Gazpacho or salmorejo
    Pisto – Spanish ratatouille
    Cured meats – jamon, chorizo, salchichón
    Pulpo a la gallega
    Spain’s famous bean stews – and salad

  11. I have learned this half term that Patatas is chips fresa is strawberry and chocolate is chocolate the same as the English writing. Also I have learnt that me gusta is I want and no me gusta means don’t want.

    It will help me in further life because when I’m at like a spanish food shop or cafe I could tell them what I want for example me Gusta patatas this means I want chips or you could say fries 🍟.

    Did you know in Spanish schools they could go home and take a rest half way through school this is because in Spain it is really really really hot this is why the reason it is hot is because the sun ☀️ is closer to Spain 🇪🇸 than anywhere else.
    By Yussuf

  12. 1.I learnt about Spanish food and drinks.
    2.It will only support me if I go to Spain.

    Spanish Food:
    *un bocadillo de queso
    *las patatas fritas
    *un bocadillo de jamon
    *una pizza

    Spanish Drinks:
    *una limonada
    *un agua mineral
    *un agua mineral con gas
    *un badito
    *un zumo
    *un baidito de chocolate

    Spanish dessert:
    *chocolate with churros

  13. I have learnt how to say Spanish food and drinks such as las partitas fratas which is chips and crisps .It will support me because if I go to Spain I will be able to ask for food and drink and if there was a Spanish restaurant I could ask for food and drink.Pisto is an dish made out of tomato,onions,eggplant or courgettes,green peppers,red peppers and olive oil.


  14. We learnt about Spanish food 🥘 for example we created a menu in Spanish.
    It will helpe me if I go to Spain and to the hotel because it will be easy to order food such as sandwich de tomate which means tomato sandwich.

    This are the Spanish foods.
    Spanish omelettes

  15. I have learnt different Spanish recipes such as cafe recipes.
    I would help me if I go to Spain I can speak to them. And if people don’t speak English and speak Spanish I could speak to them.

  16. What have I learnt during the half term?
    This half term I have learnt about Spanish drinks and food such as there main dish paella and much more.
    Helado/ice cream

    How will we use this in real life?
    Since there is a lot of people going Spain they are going to need to know Spanish.

  17. I learnt a lot of Spanish language such as food,drink.This will support if I go Spain then I could ask them a lot of stuff and communication.
    Some examples of Spainish foods:Comida Espanola:
    1)Pan=Bread 2)Pasteles=Cake 3)Patatas =potatoes 4)Leche=milk 5)fish=pez 6)Water=agua

  18. 1)I have learnt a range of spanish vocabulary for drink and food for example al Aqua means water.

    2)This will support me when i go to Madrid on the school trip and go to a restaurant.It will also support me when i meet a Spanish person.

    3) recipe for chicken croquette!
    First melt the butter in a small saucepan in medium heat.
    Then add the shallots and saute until softened which will be up to 3 or 4 minutes.
    After that add two table spoons of flour and stir it into the butter for two minutes with a wooden spoon.
    Next whisk in with cream and turn it down to tle simmer.
    The next step is to stir until the food thickens and moves away from the sides of the pan.
    Pour the sauce into a medium bowl and season with one teaspoon of salt.
    Add some peppers and nutmeg and set aside to cool down however stir occastionaly.
    Stir poached chicken ,parsley and chives into the sauce pan.

  19. 1. I have learnt different words in Spanish which is food related.
    2. This will support us In life by for example if we go to Spain 🇪🇸 or Madrid and we make friends with the Spanish children and if we want to talk to them then we talk Spanish .
    3. * Pisto which is like a stew
    * Gazpacho and salmorejo like a curry 🍛
    * Spain’s famous bean stews with a salad
    * Spanish omelet list : olive oil, skillet , potatoes,
    onions,seasons and eggs 🥚.

    * Croquettes has in it a shellfish’s,mashed potatoes vegetables and some ground meat cheese .

    By Osman and Aimee 😈😈

  20. What we have learnt this half term is all about Spanish we made our own Spanish menus for a cafe and for a restaurant and if we go to Spain they can ask for what they want to eat like las Patatas Freitas chips and crisps. This will support us in
    real life by what you want to eat and buy and how much money they ask you for in Spanish.we. Learned about Spanish food and we learned them off by heart and memorised them and when miss asked a question about food in Spanish we knew the answer . Patel is cake , pan is bread, Aqua is water , and that is some that I know of some Spanish food.

  21. Julia:)
    I have learnt how to use a variety of Spanish food vocabulary to use in many types of texts and menus.
    This might support my life, if I go to a Spanish restaurant I could tell them what I would like instead of showing them the menu.

    Paella recipe:)
    1) 4 colas de langosta pequeña (6-12 oz cada una) de agua
    2) 3 cucharadas de reserva privada de aceite de oliva virgen extra.
    3) 1 cebolla amarilla grande, picada.
    4) 2 tazas de arroz español o arroz de grano corto, empapado en agua durante 15 minutos y luego escurrido.
    5) 4 dientes de ajo, picados.
    5) 2 pinches grandes de hilos de azafrán españoles empapados en 1/2 taza de agua.

    By Dennis and Julia😁😎😈👻

  22. Asia:
    What I have learnt this half term is several different words and phrases about different foods and drinks in Spanish.

    Sana:I have learnt that pronunciation is key as if you pronounce it incorrectly it will have a different meaning especially with food and drink.

    Asia: This will help you because if you go 🇪🇸 Spain this will help you with your language when you speak.

    Sana:Last year we were able to talk in Spanish to the waiters and this topic would’ve been very useful last year.

    Both:A traditional Spanish tapas dish is a Spanish omelette and it is nothing like the version which used to appear in British kitchens with a lot of pepper.

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