Year 6 Spring 2 Portfolio Page

Hi Year 6,

As you would agree you have worked extremely hard this term Β by consolidating previous learning and preparing for SATs.

Have a look at what you have done this term and feel proud.

Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions….. what did you enjoy this term???

Ms Janjua


Literacy Spring 2 2016 Maths Spring 2 2016



5 thoughts on “Year 6 Spring 2 Portfolio Page

  1. WOW it look amazing
    I enjoyed doing Arithmetic tests,finding equivalent fractions
    and working Out SATS questions

  2. I enjoyed English, arithmetic and reading because when when we wrote on blue paper I had nearly every thing highlighted in green.
    I found reading good because it was a challenge.
    I found the arithmetic enjoyable because the last I got 38/40.

  3. Literacy
    I enjoyed writing a flashback out in best using the ideas from my plan .also watching Mourning dove.
    I enjoyed doing the unknown coordinates and also joking the coordinates to make a shape.
    I enjoyed doing the arithmetic tests and using sample tests to work out the missing coordinates in the shape.

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