23 thoughts on “Year 6 trip to Sidney Stringer to meet author A F Harrold.

  1. The trip to Sidney Stringer to meet A.F Harrold was fascinating as we learnt about him as an author; in depth and had the opportunity to get one of his books. Thank you Mrs Frankish, I really appreciate it.

  2. This trip was stunningly fun and amazingly funny 😂 I actually went with my mum and got a book called “The Afterwards”. Because of this reason, I am very happy 😊 that I went as I enjoy reading all the time in my free time if I am not swimming 🏊‍♀️ everyday

  3. I really enjoyed going to Sidney Stringer because the author was funny and I also got too see my brother at the school. I also might like to get one of his books.

  4. I really enjoyed our visit to the author and I think this a great opportunity for us.A.F Harrold likes to write about funny books that make people laugh.A.F Harrold writes nonsense books for example in one of his book is about a cat and the cat has a imagenery friend.

  5. I had enjoyed his poems and his expression and all together he had 99 poems . When he was answering some questions l got a few right as he was asking us .l have learned some many facts about him he was reading some poems which made me extremely well what is going to happen next thank you Miss Ahmed and Miss Edwards for takeing us to the trip to see the author

    By Esa Khan

  6. What a wonderful opportunity for the year six students to see an author and gain an insight into his career. The children were able to ask questions and listen to a few pieces of his written material. A lovely afternoon which was enjoyed by everyone.

  7. Thenkyou so much Mrs Frankish,Mrs Edwards,Miss Ahmed,Mrs Hurt,Mrs Caur,Mr Patel,you are so Nike I loved it so much the part that I really hated was when we went in the rain I was soaking wet AF Harald wrote some really good books and also some good poems he is really funny even my teachers Miss Ahmed and Mrs Edwards said that I am exactly like him because he dose not like normal things he likes to be wierd and funny I have a lot more that I want to say but I like just can not explain how but in my mind I can explain it in my head.

  8. I really enjiyed the fay of today i has so much fun.AF HARROLD has some briliant poems and books.The day of today was awsome.i have learnt somethingabout AF HARROLD. 😂😂😂😂

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