Y6 Well-being Day! 🌸🌞 Spring 2

Quality weather = quality wellbeing! A fantastic wellbeing day today in Year 6; a lovely way to celebrate all the hard work the children have been doing across Spring 2! We started the day by adding onto our lovely bread making skills, by making focaccia.

How is Focaccia similar and different to Irish Soda bread? What key skills were involved in the process?

Using our knowledge from The Maya civilisation, we created Mayan God inspired tiles. We looked at Mayan faces, their features and their structures. We cut out cardboard templates and then layered the faces. This made the tiles 3D and pop!
What different shapes did you spot in the idols?

Leading on from this, we all went out onto the field and painted our Mayan tiles. We used key colours that represent idols and statues, such as: White, black & grey.

Sports! A lovely game of rounders to enjoy this afternoon. Children showed their competitive spirit and worked as a team!

Who thinks they’re up for a rounders match Vs Parents and staff?

The Veg we have been growing for the last month! What will you eat your new vegetables with?


  1. Both breads are salty breads that have a similar shape. Irish Soda Bread has more salt in it, but Focaccia bread is like a pizza without the toppings. We used the skill of kneading to make the bread.

  2. Wellbeing day was an amazing day! First, we started the day off by baking focaccia bread. After a while, we started to make Mayan prints/Gods/animals. After the break, we painted the Mayan prints/gods/animals. In the afternoon, we played rounders and it was incredibly fun.

  3. Wellbeing was the greatest one yet. The bread was amazing and one of the best textures, so soft and you could even put any type of sauce you wanted on top. Making the Maya civilisation monuments/statues were one of the best things we have done so far. The best part was when we painted the monument/statue. The rounders was amazing everyone taking part, encouraging each other no matter if they were good or bad.

  4. I liked the focaccia bread it was very delicious! I liked it with the chilli sauce. I really enjoyed playing rounders it was really fun to play!

  5. Well-being day was amazing! We made our own Mayan artwork and made bread. The bread tasted like pizza dough and people were eating so much chilli sauce! Spicy! We painted our artwork black and white. We made a team effort making the bread. What a day!

  6. I really enjoyed today especially rounders. I am definitely up to vs parents and staff. I didn’t taste the focaccia bread but I could tell it was delicious.

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