Year 6 White – English Descriptive writing 05.05.20

Today, you will be using the language that you have learnt and apply it to describing this scene.

Use the below pictures from Avengers: Endgame as an inspiration and I would like you to write a setting description for this scene.

Avengers: Endgame' Star Was Shocked To See Their Cameo In The Film
Avengers: Endgame' Stunt Coordinator on Shattering the Glass ...

Use the following descriptive examples to help you:

  1. A scar of bright light hung in the bat-black sky.
  2. A gash of radiant light broke through the cauldron-black sky.
  3. A fracture of birthstone-bright light peeped through the pagan-black sky.
  4. A rupture of moonstone-yellow light appeared in the carnal-black sky.
  5. A lesion of lodestar-bright light illuminated the benighted sky.

Think about using the following figurative language or maybe adapting it to make your own.

  1. We were battering and beating against our enemy under a sunless sky.
  2. We were clobbering and clubbing against their shield wall under a moonless sky.
  3. We were pounding and pummelling their defences under a beamless sky.
  4. We were carving and cleaving towards the centre of their army under a rayless sky.
  5. We were mangling and gashing their serried ranks under a starless sky

You do not need to copy the above phrases as it is. You can change adapt the phrases so you personalise your writing!

I am looking for: Accurate grammar use, appropriate figurative language, a range of adverbs, powerful adjectives, a range of clauses etc.

Here is an example of a fight scene to help you get started:

The sky was carrion-black. Poppy-red blood drizzled from our wounds. The trolls were clunking axes and crashing war hammers against our shields. Arrows were zipping and hissing through the air. Some of our men were sobbing and snivelling with fear. Swords were ringing against each other. A legion of trolls attacked the centre of our lines. The septic smell of death hung over the battlefield. It was a battle of head-clasping horror. The acrid taste of blood rose up in our mouths.

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  1. The sun peeped through the dark,smokey clouds.The clouds coverd the sun like curtains closing as the enemies and the heros look at eachothers with fierce contact the avengers started to battle,with all their blood sweat and tears it all worked out for them and they left the battlefield with light and glory.

  2. The atmosphere was filled with clouds of dust and dark, dense smoke, and the heroes were all set for battle. Similar determination could be seen on each of the warriors’ fearless faces whilst rage surrounded the scene as the superheroes, persistent to win, commenced their brawl. The battle cry was heard. A chaotic crowd charged towards the enemy experiencing mixed emotions: fright, confidence and determination. BOOM! SMASH! CLING! The clinging, clanging, screeching sound of metal echoed everywhere while this fatal battle that would change history was occurring in the background. Buildings and towers whispered their last words as they fell and disappeared in the deep rubble. The war between good and evil involved lots of bloodshed as both sides would not except defeat.
    After a few hours, the both teams’ soldiers were exhausted and worn out; however this did not stop them from continuing to fight and trying to win.

  3. a gloomy day surrounded my a pitch black sky hoping to see the light again as the sun slumbers in its morning nap. The darkest day as there was a only a hint of hope and a handful of pessimism. The flickering of of a flame was the only light the have seen in days but to them it feels like an eternity. As they all are hoping to win this battle but as they urn the odds are against them.

  4. In the murky, dire sky, the place which once used to be full of majestic, glamourous buildings was now a death bed. The clouds were glading as pathway for the sunlight to be greeted back.

    • Do you think that your first sentence flows well? Sometimes when we use too many expanded noun phrases the sentence can feel a bit heavy. Do you think glamorous is a suitable adjective for a building?

  5. A thick blindfold of grey mist wrapped itself around the battlefield. We were the heroes, valiant. We were fighting for freedom yet, we were the ones who wore the agonized yet determined expressions. Our paranoid brains forced us to clutch our weapons tighter and every so often we would gain the courage to glance behind us.

    Smouldering piles of what used to be a harmonious landscape were saying their last prayers.
    POW! SMASH! KABOOM! Swords, axes, hammers, and shields screeched as they clangored and clashed together.

    The wind waged its own ghastly war against the smoke that was suffocating the air. Piles of rubble hugged the ground like a mother swaddling her infant child. Beasts of all kinds began to emerge from nowhere. Blood trickled from our gaping wounds and seeped into our scarred skin but, all the real scars were on the inside.

    The sky now newly painted red raged over us, in a hissing fit of fury, pits of fire with evil intentions surrounded us .Yet the determination, ambition and hope that glimmered inside of us was fixated to win until , alas the skies stop raging. The colour was re-decided and a streak of light shone through, lighting the scene and our spirits…

    Was this victory or just a small win?

    • Wow Ayesham you have been using personification very well. Try to make our punctuation choices a bit more exciting, could you add in some parenthesis? What punctuation would you use?

  6. The sun glazed through the dark clouds.
    As the clouds covered the sun, the superhero’s were fighting with their enemy’s.
    As the superhero’s ran through the broken battle field they could feel the stones poking their shoes.
    The sun raised and the battle ended.
    The Avengers army were marching back to their place of living.

  7. the pitch black sky covered us in darkness. The orange fire surrounded us leaving no where to go. The loomy fallen buildings. The wind whooshed as we rampaged through it.

  8. Avengers Endgame
    Activity 1
    The obsidian, moody sky hung over the disheveled, dingy wasteland. A trace of luminous light illuminated the onyx, bat-black
    sky. Crimson, red blood ran down our wounded, damaged arms. The battle went on and on and some warriors started weeping and sobbing for their lives. Immense, dirty trolls slashed their razor-sharp axes at us countless times. Our lives were at stake. A few warriors were dead. The worst had yet to come.

    • Great dramatic use of short sentences. remember sometimes less is more, does your writing flow with so many expanded noun phrases? Switch it up :)

  9. As the sorcerers open the portal to gain the help they needed the heroic woman avengers distract thanos so the avengers could hatch a plan the wakanden army fought of the chitauri they fought and fought until they couldn’t fight any more. Will they win…

  10. The Dark sky loomed over destroyed wasteland. The core of the earth shined through the thick rubble. The Headquaters had now been detsriyed and left a crator; There was nothing else.

  11. Activity 1:
    In the jet black sky there was a glimpse of brightness.The night sky transforming into daylight. The detailed grey skies.The dirt all over the place. The rubble and ashes scattered everywhere. All of the smoke and dust on the ground.

    • Okay, so I can see that you have tried to use short sentences for effect. Good. However, could you use a semi colon instead of a full stop somewhere in here?

      • Ok. The jet black sky was dark; but there was a glimpse of brightness. The night sky transforming into daylight. The detailed grey clouds filled the air. The dirt all of the place. The rubble and ashes scattered everywhere. All of the dust on the ground; that was dirty.

        • The first one works well, you don’t need the ‘but’ as well as the punctuation. I don’t think you need to include the final one either! Well done for going over your work Laraib! You are a star x

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