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Year 6’s tantalising and tremendous TTRS competition:

TTRS is back! As you all know BH citizens, many of you used TTRS last year, to help with your maths knowledge of times tables, to build your fluency and pace, but most importantly, to practice in a fun and engaging manner!

A competition has been set up amongst all 3 year 6 classes! This will be running until the 12th November! Get practising and score points for your class! I look forward to meeting the winning class soon!

We want to see you guys going times table crazy, behaving like true Rockstar’s, whether that’s at home, in school in the mornings, or throughout the day!

3 responses to “Year 6’s tantalising and tremendous TTRS competition:”

  1. Muhammad R.

    Come on 6 whiteeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Reece T.

    Ok I want 6B to win we can do this

  3. Ayomide O.

    Okay 6w will win! lets go!

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