iPad and Computing

At Broad Heath, ICT is integrated into our enriching curriculum. ICT is used within lessons to support the learning and enable the children to make better progress. The ICT skills the children develop through Computing lessons are then applied and then used across the curriculum in a variety of ways. Below are some examples of the work children across the school have done this year.

  • ICT Club-Week 1 - Typing test To start off our first session the children were asked to turn the computer on from the system unit. Our next challenge was unlocking the PC, by pressing CTRL, ALT and DEL it allowed us to log in. After that, we were very confident when accessing the Broad Heath blog to find Purple […]
  • Stop motion animation of ‘Stuck’ by 4blue - Wow!!!! 4blue I couldn’t be prouder of the skills you’ve learned over the past two days that have all contributed to this superb animation. Dedication, being adaptable, patience, teamwork, enthusiasm and smiles have made this not just good, but GREAT! Can you explain what stop motion animation is? What are you most proud of?
  • KS2 ICT Club - We had a fantastic turn out for KS2 ICT Club! Everyone turned up enthusiastic, eager, ready to learn and develop their computing skills.  Throughout the previous weeks in ICT Club we have been designing, creating and advertising our own games independently. Read on to find out more… _____________________________________   using tux paint ______________________________________ using Microsoft Publisher and […]
  • Wikispaces in year 4 - This half term in year 4 we are learning to create, edit and navigate our very own Wikispace! We have made a great start to our journey, discovering interesting facts about Anglo Saxons in our different teams. We can’t wait to share our website with you all when we have finished! Editors…can you explain what […]
  • Photo Club - Wow, we have had lots of fun in Photo Club. The children have learned lots of new skills and used their creative skills to produce stunning pieces of art using iPads Have a look at these pictures..   Have you enjoyed your time at Photo’s Club? What can Mr Mahmood and Mrs Mattu improve on […]
  • iPad Apps - Dear Parents and Pupils, I have been asked several times recently by children and parents about which are the best educational apps for children. Attached below are some documents that I put together for the school. These highlight the skills and curriculum areas that each app develops. I hope these are useful for you and […]
  • Books made by the children on iPads - Have a look at some of the work that the children have done in iPad Skills Academy.   They have done this independently with the skills they have been taught in previous sessions.   Some have videos in so will only be available in iBooks on an iPad. We hope you enjoy reading them. Jay […]
  • The Gruffalo – 5B -   Well done 5B, We won the digital creativity awards 2013!
  • Great teamwork - These girls have shown great teamwork and used creative skills in iPad club today. You are truly independent learners!!!