Year Three Egyptian Week – Evaluation

Year Three have had an absolutely fantastic week learning lots about the Ancient Egyptians! Today we held our very own Broad Heath Egyptian Day, and the children and staff alike dressed up as Egyptians. We had a banquet this morning in the hall, and sampled some Egyptian food, and then we looked at some really exciting Egyptian inventions that still help us with our lives today! Have a look through our gallery from this week:


I would now like Year Three to evaluate their week by answers some questions below:

1)What was your favourite part of Egyptian Week?

2)What do you know now that you didn’t know before?

3) Name an Egyptian invention that you use every day.

4) What was your favourite Egyptian food item?

5) Would you recommend this unit of work to the Year Twos? Why?

18 thoughts on “Year Three Egyptian Week – Evaluation

  1. My favourite part was when we were making necklaces.
    I now no about the river Nile.
    Everyday I see toothpaste.
    my favourite food is the dates.

  2. Habiba: I love cupcake and love Egypt,s.
    I love wen habiba lafst at the video.

    I love wen Habiba Lafst at the Video.
    I Love wen I did when i did Eith a mummy

  3. Ahmad says his favourite food is dates.
    Yuanxuan says my favourite part in Egyptian week is went I was wrapping Ahmad in toilet papers. Ahmad says you use toothpaste everyday.Yuanxuan says I now Know the The River Nile start at Victoria lake.

  4. 1. NalylikesWhen we were doing the steps of mummification Fatimas was when we were talking about river Nile.
    2. Nalyhas learnt dad kings are called Pharos Fatima has learnt the river Nile helps the Egyptians grow crops.
    3.naly always sees tooth paste and a Thoth brush Fatima has always seen the papered a pipers is paper.
    4.nalys favrote was the radishes Fatimas was letece.
    5.yes so they now what’s coming up in year 3 Fatima says yes because they now What’s going on.

  5. Aisha:1. Reading facts about Egypt
    Mathew:1. writing our name in hyrogliphics
    Aisha:2. about mummies
    Mathew:2. About the river Nile
    Aisha:3.tooth paste
    Mathew:3.barbar shop

  6. 1)Eesa my favret part of the week was leaning about river Nile.
    1)Mohammed my favret was making the people into mummy’s
    2)Eesa I did not know that the river Nile flow though Africa side to side.
    2)Mohammed I didnot now that there was a man called tutankhuman.
    3)Eesa tooth past and tooth brush make up,paper,hair dressers and barbers and finally writing.
    3)Mohammed tooth past and may kip
    4)Eesa my favret food was muffin,huny and leates
    4)Mohammed my favret food was the muffin.


  7. 1)When we were eating
    2)I didn’t know that they don’t have banana
    3)tooth paste.
    4)the cup cake was my fouvrout.
    5)yes because my brother is going to learn about Egypt.

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