Year Three – Inverted Commas Me Hearty!!

As part of our pirate project we have been learning to speak like pirates! Y’aaaaaargh! To be able to pass our next stage of pirate school, we need to prove we know exactly how pirates speak by using inverted commas.

Can you write an exciting conversation between these pirates with the inverted commas in the correct places?




Remember to include their names: Peg Polkadot, Percy Patch, Hank Chief and Ben Buckle.

I would like to see you use alternative words for said, adverbs, subordinate clauses and a range of punctuation.

8 thoughts on “Year Three – Inverted Commas Me Hearty!!

  1. “Oh we have to deat crab everyday thats why i look fat this is not loosing weight ”
    said ben buckle.”Be thankful you fat thing “said hanck chief .” It is tasty” said percy patch . “Ha ha ha thats because you look like a stick this pirate is trying to lose weight.”SHUT UP YOU BABYS ” said hanck chief .”But “said ben buckle and percy patch . “Do you want to get fed to the sharks i did that to my old crew”said hanck chief.” Lets just eat now” said percy patch . “He is right lets eat”.

  2. “Why do we always have to eat disgusting fish soup!”shouted Hank Chief.
    “That`s because we don`t have anything else.”replied Peg Polkadot.
    “I want to eat some thing else to.”said Percy Patch.
    “The fish soup is making me have a tummy ache.Sadly said Ben Buckle.
    “When we find gold,we can pay for a cookery book!”shouted Hank Chief.

  3. “How long does it take the stupid pirate to get me food” grumbled Hank Chief
    “Captin I don’t know wich food to make” miserably Pery Patch moaned.
    “You’ve been in the kitchen all day you useless thing make fish pie as good as darling Peg Polkadot” starvigly moaned Hank Chief.
    “Yes captain”
    The next minute he came “here is your fish pie”.
    ” gross this is slimy, hairy and not even cooked” declared all three pirates.
    “Sorry” said Percy Patch.

  4. “Ahoy Mayteys!”said Hank chief.”Go and fetch me some food to eat!”said Hank chief loudly.
    “Yes sir.”said Ben buckle quietly.
    “This food is horrible it is not like the food I eat all the time and it feels like I am going to do vomit because of this disgusting and smelly food go and get me nice food!”said Hank chief.
    But…but this is all the food I have found and the only food I’ve got I have not got any more food for you left sir.”said Ben buckle.

  5. Hank chief and Percy pach

    “Go and get me food you horrible nasty pirate.” Yelled hank chief
    “Ok sir I’ll try to make fish pie” cried Percy pach
    “Thank goodness food in my face Blak this is terribly discusting you need to get some more tasty food you fool” shouted hank chief
    “Sorry sir I’ll bring you some food from Ben.”

  6. “Give me food you fool!” yells Hank Cheif.
    “Fine!”says Percy Patch!
    “Eww the food is yucky” screamed Hank Cheif angrily.
    But but I don’t know what to make” moaned Percy Patch.

  7. “Hey you mighty as a yaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!”
    “Now go and fetch me some food to eat ” I’m starving!”
    “I do not like thin kind of food which is horrible and disgusting.”
    “Where did you get this food from?”
    “I… I got it from the see and half of it on the floor on the way back.”
    “I’m really sorry if I hurt your feelings.”

  8. “Errr this food is disgusting peg Polkadot!”shouted Hank chief.
    “But this is all I have sir.”said Polkadot.
    “Then be quiet and fetch me some food I’m starving badly!” Shouted angrily Hank chief.
    “Okay sir I’m off to fetch food for you sir!” He shouted from distance.

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