Year Three Literacy – Adjectival Phrases (Red Table)


George’s Marvellous Medicine

In Literacy today, the children in Year 3 are exploring adjectival phrases. Adjectival phrases answer questions such as – what kind of? And therefore allow our writing to become more interesting! We are basing our work today on George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl, and are using this to write instructions as part of our instructions unit this half term.

Red table  – your task is to create your own instructions for George’s Marvellous Medicine using as many adjectival phrases as you can. I wonder who can create the most horrible and sticky mixture? Use the ingredients list on your tables to help you!

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  1. Pranay’s Discusting melted medicine!
    1 bottle of bubbly shampoo
    2 cups of melting choclate
    5 cans of frog’s mucus
    3 Bowls of Fish blood
    some pink paint
    a old dull mixer
    a bottle

    1)First Carfully mix 1 bottle of bubbly shampoo,2 cups of melting choclate ,5 cans of frog’s mucus in a old dull mixer!(Rembering not to breathe in the gas

    2)Next take the mixture out and pour it in a bottle.

    3)Then put 3 bowls of fish blood and pink paint into the bottle.

    4)Then close the lid and shake it for about 20 seconds

    5)Lastly wait for your grandma to drink it and fall down on the ground!

  2. sediqas first medicine maker.

    what will you need…
    first some empty bottles
    second put some strawberry in to the mixed
    third and mix it
    pour it to the bottle.

  3. Rumaysas smelly gooey plop.
    what you will need:
    1. Shampoo aerosol
    3.brown paint
    5.stink bomb
    6.pour in to icecream moulds
    7. Put into freezer for 3 hours
    8. Give to old grumpy grandma to enjoy

    1.first get a steel pan from the kitchen,
    2.empty the bottles into the steel pan
    3.mix them altogether
    4.make sure u dont breath in the fumes

  4. Aryans gruesome gulping medicine

    What you will need:

    250k of shampoo
    Frogs eye
    One cauldron
    Wooden spoon
    Human blood
    1.First Get the fun and foamy shampoo and cautiously squeeze it into the cauldron .
    2.Next mix the shampoo until it’s foaming and then get the revoluting and disgusting blood to pour in the cauldron so you can see green bubbles.
    3.squeeze the frogs eye into it and mix then put toothpaste in and it’s done


    1.Get a heavy and large pan from the kitchen
    2. Spill all the bottles in the pan
    3. Boil the stuff in the frying pan
    4. Then get a bottle and spill your medicine and give it your auntie

  6. Zaynab’s zogy zebra medicine
    1.Frist get your heavy and large pan from the warm kitchen .
    2.Then carefully get your perfume and open the lid.
    3.Next Catiously sqeeze your tomato in the perfume.
    4.After that slowly put the your so stinky Medicine on the brown hot pan.
    5.When you done that then get your wooden and White spoon and Carefully mix the smelly Zogy zebra medicine
    6.Finallly get your big bottle and put your medicine in it and give it to stupid and ugly gramother
    What will you need?
    .A big bottle
    .wooden spoon

  7. 1.collect a large and big bottle from the kitchen.
    2.empty the large and masive bottles and the cans.
    3.stir all the ingredients till it gets soft and smooth.
    4.when you have made it soft mix it with a spoon.
    5.wait until it gets disgusting and then it’s ready to drink
    6.when it’s done give it to your grandmother.
    See if it’s done and have a lovely marvellous medicine.

  8. 1.First get your nice blueberry and put them in the blender
    2.Next get your strawberry and put them in the blender
    3.then get your grapes and put them in the blender
    4.turn the blender on and poor it in a cup and…


  9. 1.Collect a large silver pan from the kitchen.
    2.Empty the tiny small jars bottle aerosol cans into the pan.
    3.Stir all the gloopy disgusting ingredients together in the silver bowl

    By Abdulah and Sana

  10. Eesa evil epic revolting medicine
    What you will need

    4 bottles of shampo
    10 picese of fishes tail
    6 bottles of coke
    1 tin of stinky slippery fish
    1 can of revolting descusting slug slime


    1.find an rusty old fring pan.
    2.quickly splash all of the ingredients rapidly in to the pan.
    3.pour the sticky amazing mixture into a bottle.
    4.put the bottle under the chilly cold water to cool down.
    5.give it to your grandma and waite for all the exitemeny to happen and you will see the amazing results.

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