Year Three Literacy Homework

Year Three Literacy Homework

Learning objective: To use evidence from the text when answering questions.

Read the following setting description and answer the questions below. Green table, I would like you to answer the first three questions, Yellow, Blue, Orange, and Red, all of the questions please. Challenge yourselves!!

The door creaked open. A musty smell crept into my nose. The house was silent except for the creaking of floorboards and a scuttling sound coming from beneath the floorboards. Brown and green mould dotted across the wallpaper, as drips of rain raced down the walls from the ceiling. The windows were covered in dirt, as rays of moonlight struggled to shine through into the hallway. Dark shadows loomed everywhere, and furniture lay unturned revealing deep grooves in the carpet. Silver cobwebs hung across every corner of the room, housing spiders who sat patiently waiting to capture their prey. . .

Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Red:


  1. Where is this description set?
  2. Can you name three adjectives from the text?
  3. Would you like to visit this setting? Why?


Yellow, Blue, Orange, Red:


  1. What effect does this text have on you as a reader? Do you want to read more? Why?
  2. What does ‘cobwebs hung across every corner’ tell you about this setting?
  3. Do you think anybody lives here? Why?


Extension: Draw a picture of this spooky setting, and show your teachers next week!

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