Year Three have been reflecting upon their year within PSHE this half term. They have thought about what they have gained, and reflected upon their successes. They have also looked forward into the year ahead, and decided upon what they would like to achieve and what they need to overcome in Year Four.

As part of their reflection of Year Three, the children have created a presentation aimed at Year Two children to explain all about how fantastic the last year has been. They then presented their reflections as a group.

Year Two – we would like you to watch the following video and think about the following questions.

1) How well did you think the children presented?

2) Have they answered any questions you had or concerns about Year Three?

3) Is there anything more you would like to know?


5 responses to “Year Three PSHE – Changes”

  1. Lacey O’Meara

    so exiting

  2. Hamdia Darwish

    1.They presented well.
    3.did you have fun?

  3. Haleema Asif

    Year 2 you will be a great year 3

  4. Zeinab Keita

    How exciting

  5. Arshdeep Dhanda

    1.i think that the children were presenting very well.
    2.i have been likeing year 3 for a lot i have had the best teachers in year 3.
    3.year 2 if you what to know anything you need to be good a listen really good in year 3 beacuase it s very hard work year 2.


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