Year 3 Reading Challenge

Follow the link below to the ebook. Once you have read it, take the challenges!




  • Summarise what you have found out about volcanoes through reading this text.
  • What do these words mean? Use a thesaurus to find alternative words.

Surging, collapsing, eruption, spurting



Identify and explain 3 exciting words or phrases that are used by the writer and explain why you like them.


  • Why has the author used bold text for some words?
  • Would you like to live next to a volcano? Use evidence from the text to help you to explain your reasons.

15 thoughts on “Year 3 Reading Challenge

  1. Reading Challenge:

    Volcanoes are active, they can erupt at any given time. Volcanoes let out dark, cloudy ash and hot lava. The lava can melt anything that’s in front of it, but once cooled it can form an new land.

    Collapsing means when something falls in or gives way. for example when the volcanoes lava collapsing into the sea it cools to form an new island.

    Eruption is when the volcanoes spews, hot lava and ash into the sky.

    Surging is when hot lava travel fast down a hill at a steady speed.

    Spurting is when a active volcanoes spurts dark, thick cloud of ash into the sky.

    Collapsing – Fall in, cave in, fall down, give way, crumble, crumple, tumble down and disintegrate.
    Eruption – Outbreak, out burst, discharge, burst, explosion, spew, spout, shoot and emitted.
    Surging – flow, outburst, up surge, rush, increase, on rush and flow.
    Spurting – gush, shoot, stream, pour, spew and surge.

  2. silver

    I like unlikely because it is a very posh word.
    Mount st Helens because it is a proper noun.
    tourists because it says that tourists get attracted to it.

  3. gold challenge
    The author has used bold text to show that you can find these words in the glossary.
    I don’t want to live next to a volcano because it might erupt.

    Silver challenge
    Avalache= Sudden fall of rock,snow and ice.
    Dormant=NOT ACTIVE

  4. The author has used bold text so you can find it in the glossary. I would not go next to a volcano because there would be so much lava.

  5. He put bold handwriting because people might not know what the word means so the show that they put that word in the glossary.

    silver challenge

    Magma i like this word because it is another word for liquid it means liquid rock before
    it erops.
    ash it means tiny pieces of rock

  6. Gold challenge:
    1]I think the author has used bold writing for some text is because they are the key words and they are interesting.
    2]I do not want to live next to a volcano because the ash would come in the house and im a statue.

  7. He has put bold handwriting because you have to find it in the glossary.
    I would not live by a volcano because it might blow up.
    Bronze :flood,swell and breaker.
    Out burst ,out break and explosion .
    Crumble,fold and give.

  8. The author has used bold text for some words so you can find it in the glossary.I don’t like to stay next to a volcano because there is lava.

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