Year Three Topic – The United Kingdom

Year Three are now coming to an end of their ‘United Kingdom‘ unit in Topic this half term. We have learnt lots about our nation, and practised lots of key Geographical skills. We have asked some of the children to now produce a factfile to really showcase their learning, and recall lots of interesting and important facts about where we live.

LO: To create a factfile about the United Kingdom.

We would like you to think about the following questions when you produce your factfiles:

  1. What are the capital cities of each of the four countries?
  2. Can you name a physical and human feature that you might identify on a map?
  3. Is the climate usually warmer in the North or South of England? Why do you think this is?
  4. What is the difference between a city and a country?
  5. Can you recall a fact about Big Ben?
  6. What are the similarities between London and Edinburgh?


21 thoughts on “Year Three Topic – The United Kingdom

  1. London and Edinburge are both capitals cites.THE both capitals cites have theatres.Parks in Lodon and Edinburge are fun and there are lots.London has a festival as well as Edinburge.Edinburge has shop’s and market’s also London.Both capital’s cites cites have police man.London has Buckingham palce.

    Edinburge is smaller then London however London is bigger

  2. Well big ben is 151 years old
    big ben has several birthdays

    well a city have big towns and a countries have big hotels

    The capital of Edinburgh is Scotland .The capital of England is London

  3. 1.The capital cities of the uk is England is London. Scotland -Edinburgh Northen island -Belfast and -Wales Cardiff 2.The human features are Coventry cathedral and the physical features are Mout dove dale

  4. 1.edinburgh -Scotland London-England Cardiff-Wales and Belfast
    2.moutain water and tree
    3.i think that it is warm in north of England because it is near to China
    4.big Ben is the biggest thing in London.

  5. The capital city of England is London the catpial city of Scotland is Edinburgh the capital city of Northern ireland is Belfast the catpial city of Wales is Cardiff.There park hospital grass trees and ants.

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