Year2- Caterpillars & Butterflies (20.05.20)


Yesterday, I retold the story of ‘Winnie and Wilbur stay at home.’ My sentences were a bit scrambled, but you did a great job at correcting them for me. Today, I would like you to retell the story in your own words. I want you to do a better job than me. Using the pictures below write your own sentences that re-tell the story. If you think you are clever enough, try adding the conjunction ‘and’ to join two sentences together.
e.g. Winnie was doing her spelling and Wilbur had to help her.


Yesterday, you all showed me that you were experts at positional language. Today, I am going to give you an extra challenge… I would like you to use the recent knowledge you gained of 1/2’s 1/4 and 3/4’s to help Ruby choose which ride to go on. Here is some of the vocabulary you should expect to see…. clockwise, anti-clockwise, quarter turn, half turn, full turn.

1. Ruby is trying to decide what ride to go on at the fair. She’d decided on the pirate ship but suddenly changed her mind. She does a quarter turn clockwise. What ride does she choose?

2. Ruby has just gotten off the merry-go-round and decides to turn a half turn clockwise. What ride does she choose now?

3.Ruby is trying to decide what ride to go next. She’d decided on the pirate ship again, but changed her mind again. She does a three quarter turn anti-clockwise. What ride did she decide to go on now?

4. Ruby is looking at the tea-cups and
anticlockwise. She goes on the merry-go-round. What size turn did she make?

If you find this easy, can you try one of your own. See if I can work out which ride you put Ruby on.

Remember to send your work to Y2upload.

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  1. Winnie the witch and her cat Wilbur were sitting on the broom stick and were shocked.
    Winnie and Wilbur had to stay at home.
    The scientists on the TV said don’t touch your face and wash your face.
    When Winnie sneezed, Wilbur gave her a tissue.
    Winnie tried to do some exercise by following online video, but got stuck in the ring.
    Winnie tried to do a magic trick and made a rainbow.
    Everyone was clapping and Wilbur was banging cups.

  2. 1.Tea Cups, if she is facing pirate ship.
    2.Tea cups, is she takes half turn clockwise from merry go round.
    3.Tea cups, takes three quarter clockwise turn anticlockwise.
    4.Anticlockwise HALF TURN.

  3. 1. She can choose the Tea cup ride, it will make her to quarter turn clockwise.
    2. Ship ride to Ronald turn clockwise.
    3. Tea cup ride again.
    4. Three quarter turn.

    • Hi Khadija! Hope you’re well and staying safe 😊

      Remember clockwise is to the right, anti-clockwise is to the left.
      If you are turning 1/4 clockwise it is 1 turn to the right….

      Give them another go for me please and try the English challenge.
      Also, make sure to complete your work on the other blogs.

    • Good try Khadija but have another go at the sentences. Remember to look at the picture, say the sentence, write it. Don’t forget to extend your two sentences by using the word ‘and’ .

    • I love that you are trying Sumaya… could you have another go at Q1, Q3 and Q4.
      If it helps try and move the your device around so you can see where Ruby is.
      Could you complete the English task aswell please.

  4. Once upon a time there was a girl called Winnie with her cat Wilbur.
    Winnie and Wilbur had to stay at home. The scientist said wash your hands, dont touch your face and when you sneezed you have to use a tissu and put it in the bin.Winnie and Wilbur try to get fit and they did some home learning.
    Winnie made a deliciious Pumpkin lunch and they enjoyed. Then they made a rainbow and clapped for the NHS.
    Finally they read a bedtime story.

    1. She choose the tea cup ride.
    2. She choose the tea cup again .
    3. She decide to go on tea cup again.
    4. She did half turn antclock wise.

    • Oh Elyas, you make me sooo proud!
      You have read the instructions carefully, retold the story brilliantly in your own words, challenged yourself by using the conjunction ‘and’ in your sentence AND….you have even used a time connective!! You are a ⭐️
      Sp- scientist
      Sp- tissue
      Sp- delicious
      You have shown you have a great understanding of position and direction, great work!!
      Could you have a go at writing one of your own to see if I could find Ruby’s new position.

  5. Winne and Wilbur were on the broomstick to head on home.
    Winnie was watching tv and Wilbur was sitting next to Winnie chair.
    They were watching the tv and the scientists said don’t touch your face and don’t wash your hands.
    Winnie was sneezing and Wilbur gave her a tissue.
    Winnie was doing an exercise group on the laptop and Winnie got tangled up.
    It was lunch time and Winnie went and got a pumpkin.
    Wilbur was hiding on the books because he doesn’t want to do his spelling.
    Winnie was board so she thought she waved her magic wond.
    Everyone was clapping for the NHS and there was a rainbow.
    In the night Winnie and Wilbur were in bed and Winnie told Wilbur a story.
    Ruby decided to go on the tea cup ride.
    Ruby went on the tea cup.
    Ruby decided to go on the tea cup ride.
    Ruby was going to the pirate ship but did a full turn clockwise and she ended up on the pirate ship.

    • Hi Ibraheem,
      Did the scientist said DON’T or YOU MUST wash your hands?

      I love your take on the story Ibraheem- Great sentences and use of the ‘and’ conjunction.
      -sp bored

      Have a look at Maths Q4, are you sure she took a full turn?-try again.

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